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Four Activists Charged After Exposing Criminal Animal Cruelty at Abbotsford Hog Farm.

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Four Activists Charged After Exposing Criminal Animal Cruelty at Abbotsford Hog Farm 

Abbotsford, BC, August 6, 2020 – Four activists are facing multiple charges after exposing what an animal rights lawyer calls “criminal animal cruelty” at Excelsior Hog Farm in Abbotsford, BC. 

Amy Soranno, Nicholas Schafer, Jeff Rigear and Roy Sasano are scheduled to appear in Abbotsford Provincial Court September 3rd on charges of Break and Enter and Mischief between February 9th and April 28th, 2019. Soranno had originally been scheduled to appear in court alone in August 2019, but the appearance was postponed while an extensive investigation took place. 

Animal Protection Party of Canada deputy leader, Jordan Reichert, who attended the Meat the Victims event described the charges as “misdirected.”

“Once again, the exposure of animal abuse remains unaddressed.  Instead of charging the people abusing the animals, the people exposing that cruelty are charged. It is a profound reminder of the lack of accountability and transparency of the animal agriculture industry and of the charities responsible for enforcing animal cruelty laws in B.C.  This is particularly true for animals on farms.”

Excelsior was the subject of disturbing footage originally released by the animal rights group PETA in April 2019. The footage shows pigs packed together in filthy conditions with various untreated injuries and growths. One shot reveals live pigs feeding on the rotting corpse of a deceased pig.

Excelsior was also the site of an April 28th, 2019 “occupation” by animal rights group “Meat The Victims”, who entered the facility uninvited, and live-streamed videos showing injured, sick and distressed pigs. 

Despite the content of the videos, industry paid veterinarian Josh Waddington called Excelsior “industry leaders.” Waddington had previously expressed concerns about some of the videos, however.  Waddington is also the president of the B.C. College of Veterinarians.

A Petition has been started to demand the BC SPCA recommend charges to Crown Counsel:
Sign the petition now here.

The BCSPCA had been investigating multiple issues brought up by the videos, but has yet to recommend charges to Crown counsel.

The owner of Excelsior Hog Farm, Ray Binnendyk, is a board director of the BC Pork Producers Association.

A fundraiser was started last year, following Amy Soranno’s arrest, to assist with her legal fees. The GoFundMe campaign has been updated to include all four activists and has just been re-launched.

Animal Protection Party of Canada

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  1. Shame on all these companies who treat animals so cruelly. There is a God and He is keeping records. We will all answer for our actions!

  2. Abuse of Power, Abuse of the Judicial System, Abuse of Animals. Time to sue the abusers and their companies and farms civilly. Once enough are sued, even through Lower Courts, they will rethink their abusive gag laws.

  3. Animals feel pain jus like humans do. We have to stop all these people who are so cruel with all these beings who can’t speak or fight for themselves.

  4. This group of WONDERFUL animal lovers are responsible to showing ALL of us what REALLY goes on when the world isn’t shut down due to a PANDEMIC. It has been happening for decades, but cries for help have fallen in on deaf ears in the past. NOW, since the world was demanded to slow down – MORE ANIMAL LOVERS were able to SEE for themselves what has been happening when the world wasn’t looking. THANK YOU! I will share in hopes of raising $$ for them/you all.

  5. The authorities protect each other. The BC SPCA failed the animals by refusing to lay animal cruelty charges and the judicial system doesn’t care about those who expose the farm animal cruelty either. Is there anyone who can honestly say that the pigs in the video were not in distress? It’s time for the Animal Court Of Canada where the lives of those who also matter will be protected and served Justice.

  6. The only people that should be charged are those inflicting cruelty to animals. It is a sad world we live in when animals can be abused and tortured but that is okay with the law

    if it were a child being abused and footage got leaked, these activists would be called hero’s.
    But since it’s animals being abused, they then blame and charge the activists ?
    Shame on society for punishing those who are fighting for RIGHTS, EQUALITY, AND NON-VIOLENCE.
    If they get charged, that proves to everyone that these people charging them prioritize money over life and that is just sick.
    Please make a difference in our world and future and let activism happen, and please help us end violence and speciesism <3

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