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B.C. Government Proposes Extending Wolf Trapping on Vancouver Island

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The B.C. Ministry of Forests, Lands, and Natural Resource Operations (FLNRO) is currently seeking public feedback on a proposal to extend the wold trapping season on Vancouver Island by nearly two months.  The feedback is conducted through the Angling, Hunting and Trapping Engagement (AHTE) website.

Rationale for this extension is vague at best.  While recognizing that it is extremely difficult to monitor wolf populations, the Ministry reports that they rely mostly on “anecdotal” evidence from hunters and trappers in the region.  These groups have an economic interest in the killing of wolves and are not reliable as unbiased sources of information for government policy.

Proposed changes would push the trapping season back from Nov 1st to September 10th and end on June 30th.

Furthermore, the page cites the Agreement on International Humane Trapping Standards (the Agreement) as if to quell any concerns of inhumane suffering of wildlife caught in leg-hold traps commonly used.  As is also noted, the Agreement is designed to preserve Canada’s access to the European fur market and protect wild fur trapping in Canada.

The Animal Protection Party of Canada is explicitly opposed to the trapping of animals for fur or otherwise.  Trapping is inhumane and animals often languish in traps for days before the trapper comes to kill them.  During this time, they can suffer from dehydration, starvation, excruciating pain, and will often try to gnaw off their trapped limbs.

Our West Coast Campaign Officer, Jordan Reichert, in Victoria, B.C. made the following statement: “Across B.C. residents are opposed to the wolf culls whether on Vancouver Island or the mainland.  Wolf trapping and culling are cruel practices that cause these intelligent, familial, and sentient animals to suffer greatly under the completely false pretenses of conservation.”

We encourage the public to comment with their opposition on the AHTE website here.  You must register on the page to submit a comment.

To help us oppose the extension of the wolf trapping season on Vancouver Island please donate here. 

The Fur-Bearer Defenders have released a video which shows many kinds of traps used in the trapping industry here and across North America called A Crying Shame.

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  1. My comment is why is there still wolf trapping to begin with. Fur is no longer in fashion. Trapping is barbaric and an archaic way of making a living

  2. The wolves are not the enemy. The problem is the inability of government and wildlife conservation to address fundamental changes. There has to be natural space -always protected for All wildlife.
    When government protects selfish business interests in the guise of “employment” there is tragic end. Government isn’t “business”.
    Wildlife, is the Joy of Nature. And we have Lost so much already.

  3. The trapping of these wolves needs to stop. They suffer terribly, in these traps, for days,its animal cruelity.

  4. It’s unconscionable that we are still allowing the barbaric trapping of wolves in 2018. In some areas of the US, wolves are being reintroduced and allowed to flourish. By doing so, whole ecosystems are regenerating. How can cruel trapping be justified? There is no such thing as ‘humane Trapping. ‘ Animals suffer horribly.

  5. This practice should be abolished. The inhumane treatment of this animal should not be allowed in this day and age. They are not the problem!

  6. No No And absuloutly more No. Ridiculous! When is this kind of thinking from our government going to stop. Let nature balance itself and stop trying to play God!! Always a reason to cull, kill our Canadian wildlife across the country. Give your heads a shake and leave them alone. In fact leave all wildlife alone. No protection just greed and stupidity I’d say. Why don’t you try thinking of ways to protect our wildlife instead of ways of wiping them out and spending dollars on senseless acts such as this.

  7. Absolutely should not be allowed. Wolves are essential for the environment and the welfare of all wildlife. Trapping is so cruel . People are the problem not the wolves. There will be no wildlife for the future generations

  8. I am in awe that we are being governed by people that believe that allowing this barbaric practice to continue never mind extend the amount of time allotted for the slaughter of these amazing animals. Perhaps the names of these people elected or appointed should be made public so that we can make sure that they are not re-elected and if appointed that they are hated and mindful of their decisions

  9. Man or woman has to right to trap it is cruel and barbarbic. Canada must be a better country than this.
    If we can’t treat animals with the respect they deserve, why then can you expect people to treat people properly.
    No More Trapping!

  10. The trapping and killing of animals is cruel and barbaric! Canada is a country of understanding and peace and accepts everyone to live in harmony. This is disgusting and a very cruel way to kill any animal. They have just as much right to live on this earth as we do. Stop this inhumane killing of wolves. I completely disagree with any man or women setting traps to brutally kill animals. Stop the Killing! I sign this petition to stop our Government from approving such a dreadful killing of animals.

  11. Take a look through history, everytime man tries to control animals they upset the natural irder of things
    People DO NOT need those ugly trims on their hoods, and the beautiful animals do not deserve to be ripped away from their lives and set into a barbaric trap.
    Please no more cruelty Please Please

  12. The people in government work for us, they were voted in to help better the world and the Canadian people….like where or who came up with the idea to slaughter these beautiful animals. I do not think it’s a good idea to slaughter any animal, those wolves belong to all of us. One person or a committee or caucus has the right to extinguish the lives of any animal.
    These members of parliament was voted in by us, government, is “suppose” to work for us. The slaughter of these animals are not what most of the Canadian people want. Government or parliament does not give anyone of you the right what so ever to slaughter any animal. The Canadian people will stand together arm to arm shoulder to shoulder to end this. With everything that goes on in the world today, isn’t there more important things that you all should be doing, is going to all these slaughter house’s and stop these barbaric torture to these animals… “WE ARE HUMAN BEINGS.” it’s the 21st century!!! Is this government trying to change the world and go back to primitive times? If that is the case there was no goverment then, all the monkey’s on parliament hill will no longer have a job… We voted these people in, we can also vote them out….why is it that you people on parliament hill cannot do what is right or, are you all in there just to fill your pockets without regard for the Canadian people that voted u all in there. Stop this animal abuse, NO ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TAKE ANOTHERS LIFE; IF YOU WOULDN’T WANT IT TO HAPPEN TO YOU WHY ARE YOU ALL TURNING A BLIND EYE TO ALL OF THESE ABUSE, TORTURE, SLAUGHTER…and the list goes on. No more slaughtering of wolves, deer, bear and all the other animals . Stop, parliament you are a big part of the problem!! Come on put your big boy pants on and do what is right…oh yes we are not going anywhere!

  13. This absolutely should not be allowed to happen. Trapping is cruel & barbaric & has no place in a modern humane society. Wolves are an essential part of nature & help keep the ecosystem in balance. Thousands of tourists come to Canada just to see its wildlife.
    Canada should value its wildlife as a tourist attraction, not add to the Global 7th Mass Extinction.

  14. LEAVE THE ANIMALS ALONE! 😡😡😡😡😡😡 There is absolutely NO reason to be murdering these beautiful animals! I’m heartbroken at how inhumane and greedy people are. We are all going to pay the price one day soon…😔😔😔

  15. This isn’t just our world. They have every right to be here as we do. Humans do not own animals. We are all here together. What give anyone the right to decide who lives or dies. It is inhumane and disgusting.. let’s make this world a better place for EVERYONE humans animals and non humans animals

  16. I cannot believe in 2018 we are still discussing the killing of wolves!!WE DO NOT NEED TO WEAR FUR! Trapping is extreme cruelty and animals suffer for days,as they try to chew their legs and feet off.I am sickened at the thought of killing these beautiful animals.God made everything with a purpose.and these wolves are more useful than human beings.Listen to the people,as you work for us and we remember come voting day!! Do the morally right and proper thing by protecting these animals!

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