Bill C-246

Bill C-246: Modernizing Animal Protections Act

On October 5, 2016 Prime Minister Trudeau and his Cabinet voted against Bill C-246, the Modernizing Animal Protections Act. Canada remains a country that has some of the weakest animal cruelty laws in the world today. All the parties that have ever formed government are complicit including previous Liberal governments. Nathaniel Erskine-Smith, who is a Member of Parliament for Beaches-East York, introduced Bill C-246 that would have, if passed, been the first substantive change to Canada’s animal protection laws in over a century. However, the Cabinet, headed by the Prime Minister, opposed passage of C-246 leaving wild and homeless animals without any protection and other animals with little protection even from extreme neglect and cruelty. That has to end now.

The Modernizing Animal Protections Act was a private member’s bill, not a government bill. That means MPs should have been free to vote their conscience. We discovered that this was not the case for Trudeau’s Cabinet.

We MUST hold our elected representatives accountable.

Because of numerous loopholes and outdated wording, it is extremely difficult for prosecutors to get a conviction on animal cruelty charges. Currently animals are included in the property section of the Criminal Code of Canada. Wild and homeless animals, who are not considered property, have virtually no protection.

Bill C-246 intended to:

– Create a new section in the Criminal Code “Offences Against Animals”, removing them from the property section of the Code. This would help to better protect animals from acts of cruelty such as dog fighting and neglect like that in puppy mills and would provide protections for wild homeless animals

– Ban the practice of shark finning in Canadian waters and the importation of shark fins that are not attached to the shark. Currently, shark populations across the globe are being hunted to extinction for just their fins

– Prohibit the importation of cat and dog fur and make mandatory the labeling of the species of animal for all fur products. Currently, China is the largest manufacturer of cat and dog fur and it has no animal welfare laws.

Canada’s laws protecting animals are outdated and flawed, and do not reflect the opinion of compassionate people in our country. Please support our efforts to raise awareness of this issue.

How You Can Help

1. Please join us and help protect animals today. Click here to donate.

2. Learn about the Bill and Contact Your MP

To learn how your MP voted on the Bill C-246, visit

Please write, phone and/or visit your Member of Parliament. You can find your Member of Parliament using your postal code.

You can click on these links to read information about Bill C-246, Briefing Notes and some Fast Facts on the bill.

3. Contact the Prime Minister and speak out!

We need to keep the pressure on Prime Minister Trudeau to update Canada’s anti-cruelty legislation. So please, call, write or email him today. Hand-written letters are best. But you may click here to print this sign-on letter – if you do, please be sure to add your personal comments at the bottom.

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