Our frequently asked questions (FAQ) section has answers to many questions we are asked by supporters and interested people about our work. 
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Yes. You can contribute to the work that we’re doing to hold our elected officials directly accountable for their environmental and animal protection policies while still belonging to and/or voting for another party.
No. You can contribute to any political party in Canada without becoming a member.
Yes. Since APP is a registered political party in Canada, our donors enjoy the same tax deductions as those of any other party.

For information on the tax credit you’ll receive for your contribution, visit Elections Canada.

We depend solely on donations from people who know how important it is to our lives and future to protect the environment and animals. During elections your donation goes primarily to paying for the candidates’ brochures and for targeted television, radio and print advertising in key ridings during a campaign.

In between elections, APP continues to advocate for the protection of all animals and the environment. Our campaigns include rescuing dogs and cats in need of permanent homes, endeavouring to end Canada’s use of animals in cosmetic testing, lobbying to improve the lives of millions of farm animals and standing in defence of Canada’s native wildlife.

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No. We have campaigned for and against almost every party in Canada at one time or another depending on their current environmental and animal protection record. We are purely focused on the environmental and animal protection policies of a party or candidate.
The Green Party, while promoting many sound policies, has grown substantially over the years. They have become much more of a mainstream party and the closer a party gets to power, the farther away they get from promoting change.
It’s a question of resources. The more resources we have, the more candidates we will be able to run. We’re a relatively new party and we’re still growing.
Under the current “first past the post” system, we have little hope of electing anyone to Parliament. In addition, we do not have candidates in every riding because we do not have the resources. Our primary goal has not been to win seats. Our primary goal is to hold politicians and political parties accountable for their environmental and animal protection policies. The only way we can truly do that is by becoming directly involved during elections, raising animal and environmental protection issues with all the candidates, and supporting those candidates with good environmental and animal protection records.
Even if you don’t have an APP candidate running in your riding you can still help us make environmental and animal protection important election issues.

Contact your MP and ask where he / she stands on topics including ending Canada’s commercial seal hunt – the largest, cruellest marine mammal slaughter in the world, curtailing or shutting down the Alberta Tar Sands – the world’s largest greenhouse gas emitter, and banning the importation of horses from the United States – where their commercial slaughter for human consumption is not permitted.

Currently we do not. APP is a registered party only at the federal level. However, as we grow we hope to expand to work at all political levels across the country.
If one of our candidates wins a seat and takes his or her place in Parliament they will work carefully and thoughtfully to implement the policies laid out in our platform.
We continue to build APP to campaign widely in future federal elections. We need people to run as candidates and help the campaign.

If you want to get involved, please e-mail Liz White, the Leader of the party.