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We asked Justin Trudeau what he is going to do to protect animals in Canada. Here is his response.

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On Feb 2nd, 2018 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau held a town hall in Nanaimo, B.C. The event was attended by thousands of people including Animal Protection Party's West Coast Campaign Officer, Jordan Reichert, who had the fortunate opportunity to ask a question directly to the Prime Minister.

Jordan held Mr. Trudeau accountable for killing Bill C-246, the modernizing animal protections act, in 2016 despite broad public support. He also challenged the Prime Minister to say what he was going to do to improve protections for animals in Canada.

Mr. Trudeau decided to take a cheap shot at Mr. Reichert by calling him a "suit and tie wearing activist" in response and avoided the question by instead framing the issue, and the question, as being just an urban/rural divide.

Canadians who care about animals need to know that our Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has failed animals across Canada thus far and has expressed no plans to do better for them during the rest of his term.  The honeymoon period is over with this Prime Minister, as between supporting pipelines, fish farms, and the exploitation of animals there is no trust left.

You can support the work of Jordan and the Animal Protection Party of Canada to continue to hold the Trudeau government accountable for animal and environmental issues by donating today.

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