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Animal Protection Party 2017 Year In Review Video

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2017 was a tremendous year for animals in politics and beyond. This year we fought hard for better protections for animals across Canada, brought representation for animals into the political arena, and held other political parties accountable for the impact their policies have on animals. We also promoted veganism in politics and media, advocated for stronger environmental protections, and were allies in social justice movements.

2018 will be another exciting year, but we have put this video together to reflect on the work we have done in 2017. With your support we look forward to continuing to grow as a political force for the animals in Canada and run even more candidates in communities across the country.

From all of us at the Animal Protection Party of Canada, thank you for helping making compassionate politics possible.

For all animals.

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  1. I absolutely admire all the work you’re doing for animals in Canada; however, as an Ontarian, I see much of your work takes place in BC – which is lovely but what about the rest of the country?

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