2021 Federal Election

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I’m sure you know Prime Minister Justin Trudeau triggered an early election.

            Our candidates are already knocking on doors. They’re talking to voters about how they can best use their votes to help beat the climate heating crisis and protect animals and the environment.

They’d be grateful—as I would—for your financial support. Your contributions (which earn you a generous tax credit) will pay for television, radio, print, and targeted (local and national) social media advertising.

Your generosity, too, will help ensure our candidates have lawn signs, pamphlets, and materials for campaign events.

The Greenest Platform

The Animal Protection Party of Canada’s (APPC) candidates are not like most people running for Canada’s major political parties: Liberal, Conservative, NDP, and Green. Our candidates know that—because Prime Minister Trudeau betrayed his 2015 election promise to end our First-Past-the-Post electoral system—they have scant hope of becoming a Member of Parliament. 

They’re not campaigning for a job that pays $185,800 per year. They’re campaigning to fight the climate crisis and for animals and the environment. That means, too, they’re campaigning for others—people like you—and not just for themselves.

Our candidates know, too—and this is why they run—that they can make the climate crisis, and animal and environmental protection decisive ‘ballot box’ issues in their electoral districts.

They also know the party they represent—your party—can influence who wins. That’s not me making an empty political boast. We did the research. We’ve shown it’s true.

Swing Ridings

In September 2001, four years before we founded the APPC, we campaigned in the Ontario provincial by-election in Beaches—East York. We supported the Liberal candidate: Bob Hunter, co-founder of Greenpeace, friend, and fellow advocate. We also used the by-election to find out if our political campaigns had any effect on votes. That’s important for me to know.

You see, I’m responsible for using your welcome and crucial generosity effectively. We never use it on campaigns that produce more ‘sound and fury’ than significance. They rarely measurably help protect animals and the environment.

To see if our campaigning worked, we selected 10 Elections Ontario voting polls in Beaches-East York as a control group. We didn’t campaign in them. That allowed us to compare vote shifts (if any) between polls where we campaigned and where we did not.

I won’t freight you with the methodology, but our research showed that in any electoral district, in any election, an Animal Protection Party campaign can influence and shift between 550 and 1,150 votes. In some electoral districts, a swing of that size decides who wins and loses.

In May 2002, we put our strategy to the test, again. We campaigned for Brian Masse (NDP) in the Windsor West by-election. Brian won. He’s held the seat ever since. He’s also been an intrepid friend of the animals. He supported the private member’s bill designed to strengthen the animal cruelty section of the Criminal Code of Canada and voted to move forward with a ban on cosmetic animal testing.  

APPC campaigns matter, not only because they make animal and environmental protection voting issues, but also because they can influence outcomes. It’s the latter that politicians usually care about most.

Riding Watch

While our candidates run local campaigns, we’ll also be running a national campaign to make sure the climate heating crisis is a key, decisive issue in the election. Of all the issues we need to address as voting citizens, the climate crisis is the overriding one—for you and me, for the animals, for the planet. Climate heating is that dire; it’s ‘life and death.’ The APPC platform is the only one that lays out a comprehensive plan that can beat the climate crisis. Animal agriculture is a major contributor to the climate heating crisis and other catastrophic changes. We will challenge the major parties to address animal agriculture during the election.   

We don’t have many elections left (probably just three) until we reach what scientists are calling the “tipping points” where nothing we do will stop the worst of the climate heating crisis.

That’s why people like you and me need to make this election really matter. People like you and me need to do all we can to change the Canadian government—the Liberal government—from being a climate heating crisis laggard to a world leader.

To do that, your help and generosity are—as always—deciding factors.

In gratitude,

Liz White, Leader

P.S. All indications are the Liberals will win the election. The question voters will decide is will Prime Minister Trudeau lead a majority or minority government? Prime Minister Trudeau’s record shows he’s a better Prime Minister—for the climate crisis, the environment, and for most people—when he’s leading a minority government.

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  1. I’m confused with all of this political stuff but I want to learn. The reason why is I really want “Live Animal Transport” to STOP!!! It’s barbaric !! All animals suffer greatly in trailers, Planes, ships, and trains .
    I know there are many many Canadians that have No Clue that horses are flown live from Calgary and Winnipeg airport to Japan on a weekly basis. They are flown live so that they can be killed in Japan and eaten as Sashimi!! Raw horse meat !! It’s absolutely wrong The Fresher the Better for them to pay big bucks for. There are many of us horse lovers trying to stop this export of live horses to Japan and wanting the horse slaughter industry in Canada to be done away with. Please HELP get the word out.

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      Hi there, Lindsay,

      We absolutely agree, which is why we support the work of the Canadian Horse Defence Coalition: https://canadianhorsedefencecoalition.org/

      Voters must pressure their candidates on this issue. Candidates must know that this issue matters to voters. Please be sure to talk to your candidates and ask them “What will you and your party do to make Canada more compassionate for horses? Will you support a ban on live exports?”

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  2. Hi! It seems that your focus is environment and climate even more so than animal welfare issues. Animal Protection Party insinuates a focus on animals. I understand that environment impacts all of us, but I feel we really need a party that actually has animals at the forefront – because NO ONE does!

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      Hi there, Melanie,

      Thank you for this feedback. Lately a lot of our discussions have been about the environment because of the climate breakdown that has become so apparent. We can begin to address some of the impacts by phasing out animal agriculture subsidies and non-lethal management of beaver, to name just two actions we can being implementing immediately.

      Just yesterday we put out a media release about cosmetic testing, which we’ll be posting shortly.

      You’re absolutely right that no party addresses animal welfare issues in the way they need to…we’re pushing them, and the party’s are making steps in the right direction. Our colleagues at the Animal Alliance of Canada have noted some mention of animals in party platforms: https://www.animalalliance.ca/election-2021/

      But there’s a lot of work to do. The animals deserve better.

      On their behalf,

  3. Hey APPOC I am a student doing a fake election at school and we each had to choose a party to be and i choose you. We have to argue problems in the world such as climate change racism and others. I see you guys mention climate change above and how you guys could change it is their any way you could elaborate your plan to do so? And if you have any other information you could provide me that would be great thanks!

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