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Vancouver Aquarium Belugas Were Prisoners, Not Ambassadors

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VICTORIA, Nov. 28, 2016

With the Vancouver Aquarium’s two captive belugas, Qila and Aurora, now dead, all eyes are on whether the Aquarium will continue to confine cetaceans.

While the Aquarium has called these animals “ambassadors,” they have come under increased scrutiny and pressure to end their cetacean captivity and breeding programs.

“It is time to stop sugar coating these animals’ captivity with misnomers such as ‘ambassadors’ or ‘family'” says Jordan Reichert, an officer of the Animal Protection Party of Canada.  “Aurora and Qila were prisoners of the Aquarium.  However, they committed no crime, but had their liberty withheld from them by exploiting their lack of protection as animals in Canada.”

A recent documentary, Vancouver Aquarium Uncovered, brought to light years of corruption and questionable practices at the Aquarium including a long line of cetacean deaths.

“It is time to end the unconscionable practice of cetacean captivity” continued Reichert. “We only teach our children animals are objects for our entertainment by allowing this to continue, there is no benefit to the animals. I believe people can respect animals without the need to incarcerate them.”

For more information contact:

Jordan Reichert

West Coast Campaign Officer, Animal Protection Party of Canada


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