Animal Agriculture

Animal agriculture is destroying the Earth and our government is subsidizing it.

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As compensation to Canadian farmers for the loss of market share to dairy, egg, and chicken producers in the U.S., Europe, and Asia, the federal government will soon be releasing details of how it will allocate its nearly $4 billion in subsidies to egg, dairy, and chicken farmers in Canada. 

It is estimated that the federal government provides subsidies of somewhere between $6-8 billion annually to the agriculture sector, with the bulk of those subsidies going to the dairy, egg, and chicken industries.  With this additional subsidy of nearly $4 billion, that total could now rise to $12 billion.

To put this in perspective, Canada’s oil and gas sector receives $3.3 billion in subsidies annually. While buying pipelines and other bail out programs may see that amount spike, overall the federal government is spending nearly double annually supporting the dairy, egg, and chicken industries than the oil and gas.

Why should this matter to Canadians?

Because the animal agriculture sector is incredibly destructive to the environment, our health, and causes more animal suffering than any other sector in Canada; yet, the federal government is not only paying farmers to carry on with these activities, but endorsing them.

During trade negotiations with the U.S., Europe, and Asia you will not hear any mainstream political party condemn the dairy, egg, or meat industries.  They will all say that they are standing up for farmers, jobs, etc.  However, they do not discuss that the very products they are defending on an international stage are the same products that have significant negative health consequences for the people who consume them. 

Increased risk of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and premature death are all associated with regular consumption of dairy, egg, and meat products. Humans have no need for milk from a cow or the growth hormones within milk that are meant for baby cows. Processed meat has been classified as “carcinogenic to humans” by the World Health Organization and eggs are very high in cholesterol. These products have created a health crisis that has cost our health care system unimaginable sums. Yet, there is no accountability of these industries to the public for this social harm.

According to the UN, there is also substantial evidence that one of the most significant contributors to environmental destruction and climate change is animal agriculture.  CO2, Methane, and Nitrous Oxide are all greenhouse gasses produced by the animal agriculture industry and contribute more to global warming than all sources of the transportation sector combined.  Animal agriculture is also the leading cause of rainforest loss and ocean dead zones. Despite all this, none of the parties with seats in the House of Commons take this issue seriously.

It is ultimately animals that suffer most for these federal investments.  Nearly 1 billion animals are killed in Canada each year for food production alone. Conditions in the feedlots and slaughterhouses these animals are raised and killed in are psychologically and physiologically abject.  Workers regularly abuse their power over these vulnerable individuals and there is little regulation or oversight of their treatment.  Even when evidence of this abuse is documented, there is little justice for animals who are considered property under the Canadian Criminal Code.

How the Animal Protection Party of Canada is different.

We are the only federal political party in Canada who calls out these industries for what they are: a disgrace to our nation.  We recognize that as a society we must end the exploitation and killing of animals for profit if we are to address climate change, to protect our health, and to create a more compassionate world for all living beings.  Your tax dollars should not be spent propping up these cruel and destructive industries.

This election, please support us in ushering forth a revolution in Canadian politics.  We are looking for candidates across the country, people to represent animals in debates, and your financial support to help us get our message far and wide. Join us!

Jordan Reichert
Animal Protection Party of Canada

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