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B.C. Grizzly Bear Hunt Policy Open for Public Comment

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In August, the B.C. government announced that in November 2017 it will end the trophy hunting of grizzly bears in B.C. and all hunting of grizzly bears in the Great Bear Rainforest.

After a great degree of public outcry over the trophy hunting of grizzly bears, it is an important symbolic step that the new B.C. government has taken to protect some of the regions grizzly bears from this inhumane industry.  During the B.C. provincial election this past May, each party supported variations on widely condemned and flawed “pack out the meat” policy initially proposed by B.C. Green Party leader Andrew Weaver.  The NDP basically copied Weaver’s proposal while including a complete ban in the Great Bear Rainforest and the Liberals proposed a ban just in the Great Bear Rainforest to try and shore up some support.

However, as the Animal Protection Party of Canada West Coast Campaign Officer, Jordan Reichert, stated during the B.C. provincial election in June, “none of the political parties making claims of a ‘ban on trophy hunting’ are planning on following through.” This is because the current proposed changes will allow the hunting of grizzlies to continue under a “pack out the meat” policy.  Under the guise of “meat hunts,” guide outfitters will be able to continue selling grizzly trophy hunting excursions using loop-holes that will undermine the integrity of the species in B.C.  While the hunting of grizzly bears will be banned in the Great Bear Rainforest, it will continue outside of this protected area.

Furthermore, 38 animal advocacy, environmental, and wildlife-promotion-businesses have put forward a letter opposing the B.C. governments current proposals for allowing the grizzly hunt to continue as a meat hunt.  It is also noted that there is a lack of transparent consultation on the proposed changes, and that the public is not asked to comment on whether they oppose allowing grizzly bears to continue to be hunted under any circumstances.  Organizations who want to be stakeholders in the consultation process are also being forced to sign confidentiality agreements to participate, hindering transparency of the decision making process and hiding biases.  Among other concerns raised, the government made its decision prior to the release of the Auditor General’s report on the grizzly bear hunt, due this fall, which is essential to understanding the needs of the species at this time and the effectiveness of the governments previous grizzly bear management policy.

Due to these concerns the Animal Protection Party of Canada is encouraging the public to respectfully comment to the government on this policy opposing the hunting of grizzly bears across B.C.  Together we can help bring an end to the violent and inhumane hunting of grizzly bears.

As part of the consultation, the government is seeking input on:

  • Changes to manage the ban in hunting areas that overlap the Great Bear Rainforest;
  • Changes that will prohibit the possession of “trophy” grizzly bear parts;
  • Changes that will manage prohibited grizzly bear parts;
  • Changes to prohibit the trafficking of grizzly bear parts; and,
  • New reporting requirements for taxidermists.

Members of the public may send comments to the Fish and Wildlife Branch at  You can read the governments request for input here.

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  1. Let them be free,there’s no need for hunting bears in Canada or anywhere else in this day & age,when there gone there gone !

  2. I do not understand why any animal has to be hunted – is there not enough animals killed for meat as it is? What will happen to the bears is the same thing that has happened to the salmon. Local bands are allowed to take salmon for their own use but the majority of it is sold to anyone who will buy it. If they & others are allowed to kill grizzlies for meat you can be assured that the gall bladder & paws will be sold to the Asians, the head sold to some idiot who thinks it looks good on the wall & the pelt will be treated the same way. So bloody sad. Men & some woman who hunt seem to be missing the compassionate gene – shoot them with a camera instead – the animals belong to all Canadians & I have never given permission to allow you to kill something so beautiful.

  3. Please do not allow any bear hunting to continue! These “Meat hunts” are a thinly veiled excuse to murder these beautiful animals.

  4. It seems redundant to continue allowing a grizzly meat hunt when self-admittedly on their own hunter boards, grizzly flesh is not on the top of their preference list ( it rates on the bottom or not at all) and I will reiterate one of their quotes: “if it’s not for trophy purposes, then what’s the point?” They will continue to be killed for trophy satisfaction under the guise of alleged sustenance. This is a no brainer. The meat is also problematic health safety wise.

  5. At the current rate of annihilation, extinction becomes a possibility for this iconic species. ” Extinction Is Forever!”-Elizabeth Holden aka Louise Lawrence.

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