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BC Government Proposes Wolf Cull Expansion

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…after admitting it is inhumane

An internal BC government document revealed plans for a wolf cull expansion despite admitting that there is no humane way to do so. The plan proposes to extend aerial gunning and/or use of strangling snares to eradicate wolves in the Revelstoke area, under the guise of preventing the local extinction of Southern Mountain (Woodland) caribou.

Twenty conservation and animal welfare organizations across North America are outraged by the proposal, opposing the cull on the grounds that protection of caribou habitat has not been established and removal of apex predators causes ecological repercussions.

Animal Protection Party of Canada condemns the spurious reasoning for the initial killing and any further expansion of this documented inhumane and cruel practice.   It is time that we address the real underlying reasons of caribou decline in this region and that is unequivocally habitat loss due to industry expansion.  It is time for the B.C. government to pay attention to the evidence that has been present all along and stop killing wolves.  We encourage citizens to hold the provincial government accountable for this deplorable policy when they go to the polls this May.

Furthermore, the killing methods violate Canadian Council on Animal Care standards, with research showing that aerial gunning and snaring cause distress and agony. A minimum of 288 wolves have been killed using these methods in the South Peace and South Selkirk caribou regions over the past 2 winters.

The proposal was leaked following the recent announcement by the Alberta government to continue culling wolves in Little Smoky caribou habitat, where 95% of the herd’s range has been disturbed by resource extraction.

Governments must stop making wildlife scapegoats for industries environmental devastation.  We have already significantly disturbed sensitive habitat with forestry and mining expansion.  Even if they kill all the wolves, this will not change industries responsibility and the governments complicity in the loss of species.

Read the full media release: http://wolfawarenessinc.org/ngos-outraged-as-bc-government-admits-culling-of-wolves-is-inhumane-yet-considers-cull-expansion/

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