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Bill C-205 Ag-Gag Goes Federal.

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On February 18th, Conservative Shadow Minister for Agriculture and Agri-Food, John Barlow MP for Foothills, AB, introduced Bill C-205, An Act to amend the Health of Animals Act.

The wording of the bill was couched in the rhetoric of protecting the health of animals and workers in farms and slaughterhouses. However, it is clearly a federal extension of the provincial ag-gag legislation. Bill 27 passed in Alberta late last year and Bill 156 is currently being debated in Ontario. (Bill 156 has now been passed in the Ontario Legislature.) Bill 205 would make it an offence under the Health of Animals Act for animal activists to perform civil disobedience occupations of farms or slaughterhouses.

1 The Health of Animals Act is amended by adding the following after section 9:

Exposure of animals to disease or toxic substance 

“No person shall, without lawful authority or excuse, enter a building or other enclosed place in which animals are kept knowing that or being reckless as to whether entering such a place could result in the exposure of the animals to a disease or toxic substance that is capable of affecting or contaminating them.”

Animal activists seeking to raise awareness of the cruelty inherent on modern farms, feed lots, and slaughterhouses are clearly the target of MP Barlow when he writes on his website:

“Recently, more and more individuals have been trespassing on farms and food processing centres. This has the potential to cause massive biosecurity issues for animals and the individuals who work with them.”

Furthermore, the list of stakeholders who support the principle of the bill is very telling of the interests this bill serves: Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Canadian Meat Council, Canadian Pork Council, Chicken Farmers of Canada, Egg Farmers of Canada, and Turkey Farmers of Canada.

The Animal Protection Party of Canada is fundamentally opposed to Bill C-205.  The rule of law must apply equally to all, including those who raise and slaughter animals for food or otherwise. Laws against trespassing already exist.  Yet, Bill C-205 specifically seeks to target those trying to peacefully expose the reality of the animal use industries that cause systemic cruelty and suffering to animals daily. 

While politicians try to appease special interest groups from the animal use sector, they continue to ignore the plight of hundreds of millions of animals in Canada each year.  No bill has been ever been passed in the House of Commons or the Senate that would protect animals farmed from abuse and exploitation in these profit driven industries.  In fact, it took decades to reduce the transport to slaughter times of farmed animals and even after the times were only marginally reduced, the government allowed industries an extension of 2 years to comply.

The federal government shares responsibilities with the provinces, with both having very little responsibility on farm animal welfare issues.  The federal government has intervened on farms when there has been an outbreak of a disease and the animals need to be quarantined and killed.  The provincial governments have very little responsibility for on farm inspections and enforcement. In addition, agriculture animals on farms are often exempt from many of the provincial animal welfare laws.

At this point, Bill C-205 has only had its first reading in the House of Commons and has not passed any votes.  We are going to work to ensure this bill does not pass, but we need your help to make that happen.  One of the most important things you can do is contact your Member of Parliament and tell them that you do not support Bill C-205 and ask them not to either. You can find your MP here.

You can also donate to the Animal Protection Party of Canada, Canada’s only political party for animals, here and help us fight this unjust legislation.

Jordan Reichert

Deputy Leader, Animal Protection Party of Canada

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  1. Talk about going backwards!!! We NEED people to speak up for those that have no voice! To take away that right would be downright criminal!!!

  2. Please do not support Bill C-205! This would create a terrible reality for the animals and those humans that seek to help them.

  3. Animals suffer greatly behind walls. Brave souls document their suffering and expose it – this is extremely important work. Ag-gag laws in the U.S. are being reversed. Canada must not pass these archaic, disgusting laws. We must do better. Animals are feeling beings that deserve freedom and respect. NO AG-GAG LAWS!!!!

  4. Thank you for trying to help those that are helpless and without a voice. Animals are our Mothers gift it’s time for us to start treating them as one.
    Love and light we are One.

  5. We need to protect animals- not animal abusers- animals suffer great abuse behind walls. Bill C-205 protects the abusers not the animals. Demolish Bill C-205. Let’s be proud Canadians and protect animals and prosecute animal abusers.

  6. Is there a petition or something we can sign ? This is outragous ! Ag gag ? Why.. so they can abuse animals and mistreat them and get their kicks before they kill them and nobody will find out about it ? I’ve seen some of some of those people that work there and what they are capable of doing from videos. Throwing chickens around ,kicking animals and getting a kick out of the suffering of animals etc.. the lack of proper care , sick and suffering in cramped cages etc..
    Enough is enough and our Government is complacent and an accomplish to animal abuse ! I suppose next they will want Ag Gag to protect them from their corruption being exposed !

  7. The truth should be made visible and we should be made responsible for it. Transparency in all aspects of life is required and a minimum standard for democratic living. You cannot hide what people should know and have access to so as to make wise choices. Any attempt to do so will be overcome!

  8. Absolutely horrendous! Maddeningly, Barlow is my MP. I’ve been writing letters to him on animal issues for years and it does no good. Even when he was just the Editor of our regional newspaper, he usually refused to even print those letters, as he also did with others whose viewpoints he didn’t like, on whatever subject. Interestingly, at least for awhile, his own daughter became vegetarian a number of years ago before he became a politician. Bet he drummed that right out of her as soon as he could! He’s never given a hoot about any kinds of animals, in any respect. Writing HIM again would likely be just another exercise in frustration.

  9. There should be no animal exploitation industry being protected! People should be able to expose all forms, levels of atrocities committed against all living beings!

  10. C-205 is a disgrace – farm animals have no-one other than animal rights activists to look out for them and to deny them that is disgusting!

  11. This bill simply aims to cover up inhumane treatment and abuse of animals. When there are no witnesses animal industries can be spared embarrassment and shame which is their due. What happened to animal
    protection ?

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