One Federal Party to oppose the Calgary Stampede

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One Party on the side of animals

TORONTO, June 27, 2019:  Political leaders from various parties travel year after year to the Calgary Stampede, lending their support to animal exploitation.

This year one federal party will be standing with protestors on behalf of the animals.

On Saturday, July 6th, 2019, two leaders from the Animal Protection Party of Canada will attend a protest organized by the Calgary Animal Rights Effort being held from Noon to 2:00 PM.  The protest will take place on MacLeod Trail, across from the Victoria Park LRT Station.

The Animal Protection Party of Canada is a federal party dedicated to the protection of all animals, the environment, and a more just society for all Canadians.  Liz White, the party’s leader, states that the goal of the party is to include all species of animals, regardless of how humans choose to use them, in meaningful, legal and political protections.

White says: “Events like rodeos cannot be morally justified in our modern age due to the distress and suffering that is inflicted on animals.  It’s also detrimental to human society to promote taking pleasure in seeing stressed animals subjected to bullying, domination, and potential injury for no other purpose than entertainment.”

Jordan Reichert, West Coast Campaign Officer for the party, says: “We are all better when our political institutions promote compassion instead of exploitation.  More than ever we need citizens who have pro-social attitudes toward all living beings and rodeos, like the Calgary Stampede, promote the opposite of compassion for those who are vulnerable.”

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  1. I am a proud member of the Animal Protection Party of Canada. Being a Winnipeg grrl, I cannot attend the protest in person, but certainly will be there is spirit.

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