Campaign observation: no other candidate is taking climate change seriously

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I’m Trev Miller and I’m the voice for the Animal Protection Party of Canada in Kootenay—Columbia, B.C.

Though I worked as a reporter for several years this candidacy is my initial first-hand experience with federal politics, and has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.  I’m still amazed that hundreds of people will show up with the intention of listening to what I have to say about topics extremely important to me: about how animals, the environment, and Canadians deserve better protections; that profitable, ecologically unsustainable industries have no place being subsidized with our tax dollars; and how with the continuing trend of automation in safely and efficiently replacing human jobs, as it was designed to do, that we’re overdue on substantial conversations involving basic income investment programs that will allow everyone to make rent and pay for groceries, re-investing into local economies.

There have been challenges.  At a forum in Nelson, BC I heard from a 77-year-old woman who has to continue to work in order to afford her home.  At times on-stage it almost feels surreal being the only person bringing forward strategies that will allow us to reach even our 2016 Paris Agreement commitments – phasing out environmentally ruinous, unsustainable industries — and other times, such as after a forum at a local school where Grade 4 students spontaneously lined up who wanted to give me a hug, have been powerful and enriching.

The Animal Protection Party of Canada is the only group offering climate strategy outside the “business as usual” ideas other parties listlessly include in their platforms and talking points.  The changes we’re suggesting are not small ones – what they are, are surmountable.  I’m also a strong believer that personal change is climate change and that everyone needs to look at whether our own choices are sustainable:  it takes for example 96 percent fewer resources to feed someone a plant-based meal rather than one including environmentally-draining animal products, which is a huge win for the planet.

If we want to avoid deaths of up to six billion people in the coming decades due to rising global temperatures, every country and every person has to take personal responsibility for managing real change.  Aside from cutting subsidies to ecologically harmful industries, the Animal Protection Party of Canada will strengthen Environment and Climate Change Canada to urgently review environmental issues and rapidly address them based on best available science and best practices.  We need to impose charges on non-essential goods from nations with carbon pricing measures less aggressive than ones we will implement and we need to use these funds in the development and adoption of alternative energy, implemented with community dialogues and collaboration.

We’re running 17 candidates across the country this election and campaigning hard.  We don’t need a majority government – all it will take is one person with the opportunity to discuss our solid platform and science-based policies in order to work on a path towards a sustainable future.

Thank you for your time and interest!

Trev Miller
Candidate, Kootenay—Columbia

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