Your Donation Helps Us Make A Difference.

The Animal Protection Party of Canada (APP) depends solely on donations from people who know how important it is to protect the environment and animals. Your financial support makes it possible to hold our elected officials directly accountable for their environmental and animal protection policies.

All contributions to APP are tax deductible.

You can donate today in any of three ways:

By phone: Call the APP office at 416-462-9541 and use your credit card to make a contribution.

By mail:  Click here for a printable donation form.  A cheque or money order can be made payable to “Animal Protection Party of Canada” and mailed to

Animal Protection Party of Canada
#101 – 221 Broadview Avenue
Toronto, ON  M4M 2G3

Online: Please choose a Paypal option below to make contributions by credit card.

Donate today to help us represent the interests of all animals, human and non-human alike.

Monthly Donation

Monthly Donation
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Political Tax Credits

The Animal Protection Party of Canada is a Registered Political Party and your contribution in any one year may entitle you to generous political tax credits on your next tax return.

The refund (or reduction in tax payable) depends only on the amount donated and not on taxable income. One only needs to file a tax return in order to receive it. The tax credit formula is:

  • for contributions between 0 and $400, you will get back 75%;
  • for contributions between $400 and $750, you will get back $300 plus 50% of the amount over $400;
  • for contributions over $750 to $1,200, you will get back $475 plus 33 1/3% of the amount up to a maximum of $625;
  • for contributions over $1,200 up to $1,625, you will receive a maximum credit of $650.

Please Note:  The limits increase by $25 on January 1st in each subsequent year.  The maximum possible tax credit remains $650.00. For more information about contributions limits, please visit Elections Canada Here  and for CRA Tax Credits, Here.


Tax Receipts

Please be advised that Elections Canada does not allow tax receipts to be issued in any other name other than that of the contributor.  The contributor is considered to be the holder of the credit card or signatory on the cheque.

If you misplace your tax receipt once received, please call APP at 416-462-9541.  A duplicate tax receipt will be issued.


In accordance with Elections Canada and the Canada Revenue Agency, APP can accept contributions only from individual Canadian citizens or permanent residents to a maximum of $1,625 for the year.

Cash Contributions in excess of $20 will not be accepted.

Contributions from corporations, labour unions or associations, and unincorporated associations are prohibited.

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