Election 2019


Our Candidates

Animal Protection Party of Canada is a federal political party that is growing!

As the most progressive party in Canada, we represent a wide range of issues that need definitive action because the Earth, animals, and people can no longer wait.

We are actively seeking new candidates from across the country to join us in our mission of bringing compassionate politics to the political sphere in their local communities.  An election could be called this year! If you are interested in becoming a candidate please fill out our candidate application form here.


LIZ WHITE, Party Leader,
Toronto Danforth

Liz is the leader and co-founder of the Animal Protection Party of Canada (formerly Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada).

Liz began her career as a registered nurse and has spent her working life advocating for a fair and just world. She has spent over 40 years as a community activist, working on progressive issues including advocating for the disadvantaged, animal protection, and aboriginal land settlements. Liz has worked on animal and environmental protection since joining the Toronto Humane Society in 1987.

Liz was a founding director of Animal Alliance of Canada when it was formed in 1990. She has participated on a number of government advisory councils at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels.


Shelby Bertrand - Ottawa Centre

Shelby Bertrand has recently resigned after six years in the civil service to pursue a career in academia and animal rights.  She is now completing graduate studies at the University of Ottawa, where she is a member of the University of Ottawa Animal Rights Association.

She works to raise awareness about other issues alongside animal rights, such as chronic illness and women’s rights.


Natalie Spizzirri - Mississauga-Streetsville

Natalie graduated as a Registered Nurse from George Brown College in 1998. She has studied Holistic Nursing, Nutrition and Wellness and recently became certified as a yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Natalie has worked at Trillium Health Partners in the operating room for 10 years and specializes in Cardiac Surgery.

Natalie is a strong advocate for the safety and protection of all in her care and a staunch animal lover who rescued her two dogs from Etobicoke Humane Society, where she volunteered.

As well as attending protests and vigils, Natalie supports local and international animal protection groups. Her goal is to continue to educate and promote awareness around the humane and ethical treatment of all animals, while affecting change within the Canadian judicial system.

Natalie is a member of the Toronto Vegetarian Association.


Simon Luisi
Simon Luisi -Scarborough Southwest

Simon studied engineering at Polytechnique Montréal.  He runs a small bike courier company and is a tireless activist, helping numerous organizations protect wild spaces and animals.

For many years, Simon has been a member of the Toronto Vegetarian Association.  He has worked with the Peaceful Parks Coalition to protect provincial and national parks, helping with petitions to stop cormorant culls and other campaigns.  He also continues to participate in demonstrations against the fur fashion industry.


Election 2019
Ellen Papenburg  - Kitchener Centre

All her life a vegetarian, Ellen turned vegan (whole food plant-based) three years ago.

She was an activist and newsletter editor with the Young Vegetarians and board member of the Nederlandse Vegetariers Bond in the 70s in the Netherlands. She joined Action Volunteers for Animals and the Toronto Vegetarian Association after she immigrated to Canada 35 years ago. She enjoyed participating as a federal and provincial candidate in Perth-Wellington in the 2011 election for the NDP, coming in second in the federal election, ahead of the Liberals.

Animal rights and welfare and climate change are top priorities. She saw the success of the Party for the Animals in The Netherlands in 2017 when she partook in the Annual Conference in Amersfoort and visited with the party's Senators and MPs. Many things have positively changed for the animals there, as the little party shamed the other bigger parties into taking action for the animals and thus changed a lot of laws in the Netherlands, benefitting humans as well. We can do this in Canada!



Victoria de Martigny - Lac-Saint-Louis

Victoria has enjoyed a dynamic management career, particularly as Director of Operations at Insight Canada.  Her work brought her to Winnipeg (Manitoba), Tempe (Arizona), Darmstadt (Germany) and Sheffield (England) where she lived for a short time during the mad cow disease outbreak. Witnessing the thousands of animals being burned in open fields was the first glimpse she had into the suffering that humans inflict on animals.  Upon her return to Canada, she started volunteering as a docent at the Montreal Ecomuseum, teaching children about the animals we share our environment with, and eventually took on the role of Director of Communications & Special Projects, where she helped advance their educational mission.

Her passion for photography and her desire to make more meaningful connections with people eventually led her to establish Creative Perspectives Photography in 2009 and Boudoir by Victoria in 2014, where her focus has been on empowering women. 

Victoria has always supported the underdog.  She has

  • made more than 65 loans to borrowers (mostly women) in 21 countries through kiva.org
  • Volunteered as a driver with Freedom Drivers rescuing animals from high-kill shelters in Quebec.
  • Provided a foster home at her photo studio for feral cats through (now defunct) Paws Angels Montreal Rescue.
  • Supported both local and international organizations dedicated to helping animals.

She is currently an active member of the Montreal and Pointe-Claire chapters of Anonymous for the Voiceless engaged in street activism that focuses on educating the public on the standard practices that occur in animal exploitation industries so that they can make more informed choices. 

After almost a decade of building and managing a successful business, and nearly 3 years after embracing a vegan lifestyle, Victoria realized that she needed to do more.  She has become a candidate so she can put her experience and skill set to use by raising awareness for the plight of non-human animals in our country and helping to drive the policy changes that will eliminate their suffering and prevent climate crisis.

Instagram:  https://www.instagram.com/montreal_vegan/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/VictoriaAPPC/

Email:  victoria@animalprotectionparty.ca

Kim Lamontagne

Kimberly Lamontagne - Le Plateau-Mont Royal 

Born and bred Montrealer, Kimberly has lived and worked all across Canada. She studied broadcast journalism and graduated with honours from Concordia University. She began her career working in television in Toronto. She quickly found her skills transferred over into marketing and social media. She then became a Flight Attendant based both in Vancouver and Halifax. Her love of meeting people and getting to hear their stories remains strong, especially as she now works in Human Resources.

The mantra: “Treat others as you would like to be treated” informs every decision she makes. It is never more applicable than in relation to the wellbeing of animals. In 2017, Kimberly made the connection and went vegan.

The adage: you vote with your dollar is something she takes to heart (AND stomach). She works everyday to spread awareness about the benefits of a compassionate way of life. Kimberly’s first experience with animal advocacy was with Anonymous for the Voiceless in 2018. The peaceful approach of a Cube of Truth resonates with her. She has taken part in marches, protests, demonstrations, vigils and animals rights events all across North America.

After 2019’s Climate Strikes urged on by Greta Thunberg, she reached out to the APPC and believes this is how she can make a lasting impact.

Email: kimberly@animalprotectionparty.ca


Debbie Wall
Debra Wall - Winnipeg Centre

Debra had her “a-ha moment” in September 1978 while taking pre-veterinary courses in the Faculty of Agriculture at the University of Manitoba. When a little calf she met licked her face, she realized they were no different than a dog and immediately gave up eating meat. She has since transitioned to being fully vegan.

She started getting active for her fellow earthlings March of 1987 when she joined Winnipeg's first animal rights group. Over the years her advocacy has included participating in demonstrations, film showings, tabling, school presentations, talk show discussions, Cubes of Truth, banner drops, Winnipeg's inaugural Official Animal Rights March, volunteering at Winnipeg VegFests and fund-raising. Writing is a large part of her work and she has had dozens of letters to the editor printed as well as many articles appear in smaller, local publications.

In 1988 she began hosting Animal Rights Forum on public access TV and aired video footage provided by the Animal Rights Information Service making Winnipeg the first Canadian city to do so. In the early 90's she worked with Animal Alliance of Canada to shut down the University of Manitoba's access to pound dogs. She was instrumental in Winnipeg not being a stop for the Professional Bull Riders 2020 tour. She has presented before several Committees including that studying Manitoba's Animal Care Act in October of 1996, Winnipeg's Community Services Committee regarding the ban on exotic animals in circuses in July of 2002 and in April of 2021 she spoke out against provincial ag-gag law Bill 62.

She supports many animal rights and environmental groups. She has been a member of the Winnipeg Humane Society for half of a century (!) and has a lifetime membership with The Fur-Bearers. She worked in veterinary clinics as an assistant for 35 years and is a past member of the Association of Veterinarians for Animal Rights (now the Humane Society Medical Association).

Email: debra@animalprotectionparty.ca


Eden Gould - Calgary Centre

While growing up on a cattle farm in Manitoba, Eden became friends with the cows and other animals. Eden had many wonderful experiences helping on her family farm until she realized what was happening to the animals once they grew to a certain age or size. At a young age Eden knew she didn’t want to eat someone she called a friend.

Eden grew up to be a passionate animal advocate and activist, as well as organizer and spokesperson for Calgary Animal Rights Effort (CARE). She's an administrator and moderator for Positive Vegan Vibes Facebook group.

Eden is also a speaker, trainer, plant-based whole food enthusiast, volunteer, fundraiser, board certified Holistic Health, Weight Management and Plant-based Transition Coach, and a Plant-based and Fat-burning Menu Consultant.

She is a mostly self-taught chef with over 10 years of professional experience creating delicious and nutritious plant-based whole food meal plans, snacks and drinks. She loves volunteering her time teaching monthly healthy plant-based whole foods cooking classes and caring for animals in need.

Eden is responsible for educating and training Alberta Health Care workers, consumers and retailers in the areas of plant-based whole food, health living and caring for seniors.

Although she does work with individual clients, her focus is creating and teaching worksite wellness programs and working with corporate clients.

On July 5,2019 Eden had the good fortune to learn about the first ever Animal Protection Party of Canada cross-Canada tour Jordan Reichert was hosting in Calgary!

Now her goal is to support, learn from, educate, and empower everyone she connects with on how we can work together and make a difference for people, animals and the environment on a global scale.


British Columbia

Jordan Reichert
Jordan Reichert, Deputy Leader, Victoria

Born and raised in Victoria, B.C., Jordan is a mental health and addictions worker, animal advocate, and community organizer in his home town. In the fall of 2015, he ran in the Canadian federal election in Victoria, B.C. for the Animal Protection Party of Canada.

Jordan has worked as a marine electrician, in the service industry, for the Victoria Cool Aid Society, and has been employed at Island Health for the past 10 years as a mental health and addictions worker.  He co-organizes a number of organizations and events including the Vancouver Island Vegan Association, Vegtoria Veg Fest, Animal Advocacy Camp, Pets OK B.C., the View Royal Rabbit Rescue and the Victoria Horse Alliance.

In 2014, Jordan graduated with distinction from the University of Victoria with a double major in sociology and philosophy. Jordan is now the deputy leader for the Animal Protection Party of Canada and is employed by the Animal Alliance of Canada.


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Kira Cheeseborough
Kira Cheeseborough - Kamloops - Thompson - Cariboo

Kira is a Bachelor of Social Work student at Thompson Rivers University and works as a peer navigator, coordinating a program to help formerly homeless youth obtain employment and pursue education. Developing this program from her own experiences of systemic gaps, she’s included support for young in securing financial aid, building life necessary skills for sustaining housing or employment, exploring their educational interests, and connecting with other professional supports. From this work, Kira received the 2018 Association for Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Student of the Year Award and the 2018 Co-operative Education and Work-Integrated Learning Student of the Year Award.

For the last 3 years, Kira has been advocating for proactive policy change for youth experiencing homelessness, mental health concerns, substance dependencies, and sexualized violence. Though much of her advocacy is rooted in her lived experience on these issues, Kira works to bring forward the concerns of others by helping to provide a platform sharing their solutions.

Kira has been involved in provincial initiatives to develop policy solutions to youth homelessness, facilitate research focus groups surrounding youth’s experiences of homelessness, and provided input surrounding solutions to sexualized violence. These initiatives were fully driven by the feedback and solutions proposed by those most affected. Additionally, Kira has been heavily involved in volunteering within her community, through events such as the SPCA Paws For A Cause, and has raised over $5000 through online campaigns for charities, such as Project Semicolon and To Write Love On Her Arms for suicide prevention/awareness.

Kira is passionate about changing the narrative surrounding marginalized or exploited populations, human and non-human alike. Because many injustices non-human animals face run parallel with the human experiences, Kira firmly believes we can never achieve justice in the world without the inclusion of all beings in our paradigm of compassion.

Kira has decided to run in the Kamloops—Thompson—Cariboo electoral district as the current political state lacks the thorough involvement of those most affected by bad policy. As a fresh face, she hopes to promote engaging conversations in overlooked issues and show that a compassionate government can be an alternative.