Election 2019

Election 2019

Our Candidates

Animal Protection Party of Canada is a federal political party that is growing! 

As the most progressive party in Canada, we represent a wide range of issues that need definitive action because the Earth, animals, and people can no longer wait. 

We are actively seeking new candidates from across the country to join us in our mission of bringing compassionate politics to the political sphere in their local communities.  If you are interested in getting political, please reach out to us.


LIZ WHITE, Party Leader,

Liz is the leader and co-founder of the Animal Protection Party of Canada (formerly Animal Alliance Environment Voters Party of Canada).

Liz began her career as a registered nurse and has spent her working life advocating for a fair and just world. She has spent over 40 years as a community activist, working on progressive issues including advocating for the disadvantaged, animal protection, and aboriginal land settlements. Liz has worked on animal and environmental protection since joining the Toronto Humane Society in 1987.

Liz was a founding director of Animal Alliance of Canada when it was formed in 1990. She has participated on a number of government advisory councils at the municipal, provincial, and federal levels.


Shelby Bertrand - Ottawa Centre

Shelby Bertrand has recently resigned after six years in the civil service to pursue a career in academia and animal rights.  She is now completing graduate studies at the University of Ottawa, where she is a member of the University of Ottawa Animal Rights Association.

She works to raise awareness about other issues alongside animal rights, such as chronic illness and women’s rights.


Natalie Spizzirri - Mississauga-Streetsville

Natalie graduated as a Registered Nurse from George Brown College in 1998. She has studied Holistic Nursing, Nutrition and Wellness and recently became certified as a yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance.

Natalie has worked at Trillium Health Partners in the operating room for 10 years and specializes in Cardiac Surgery.

Natalie is a strong advocate for the safety and protection of all in her care and a staunch animal lover who rescued her two dogs from Etobicoke Humane Society, where she volunteered.

As well as attending protests and vigils, Natalie supports local and international animal protection groups. Her goal is to continue to educate and promote awareness around the humane and ethical treatment of all animals, while affecting change within the Canadian judicial system.

Natalie is a member of the Toronto Vegetarian Association.


Simon Luisi
Simon Luisi -Scarborough Southwest

Simon studied engineering at Polytechnique Montréal.  He runs a small bike courier company and is a tireless activist, helping numerous organizations protect wild spaces and animals.

For many years, Simon has been a member of the Toronto Vegetarian Association.  He has worked with the Peaceful Parks Coalition to protect provincial and national parks, helping with petitions to stop cormorant culls and other campaigns.  He also continues to participate in demonstrations against the fur fashion industry.


Election 2019
Ellen Papenburg  - Kitchener Centre

All her life a vegetarian, Ellen turned vegan (whole food plant-based) three years ago.

She was an activist and newsletter editor with the Young Vegetarians and board member of the Nederlandse Vegetariers Bond in the 70s in the Netherlands. She joined Action Volunteers for Animals and the Toronto Vegetarian Association after she immigrated to Canada 35 years ago. She enjoyed participating as a federal and provincial candidate in Perth-Wellington in the 2011 election for the NDP, coming in second in the federal election, ahead of the Liberals.

Animal rights and welfare and climate change are top priorities. She saw the success of the Party for the Animals in The Netherlands in 2017 when she partook in the Annual Conference in Amersfoort and visited with the party's Senators and MPs. Many things have positively changed for the animals there, as the little party shamed the other bigger parties into taking action for the animals and thus changed a lot of laws in the Netherlands, benefitting humans as well. We can do this in Canada!


Elizabeth Abbott - Toronto-Danforth

Elizabeth Abbott is a writer and historian with a special interest in the interlinked issues of the treatment and lives of animals, the environment and climate change, social justice and equality.

Elizabeth draws strength from knowing that as an APP candidate, she advocates for billions more beings than other parties’ candidates. These beings include the residents of Toronto-Danforth but also Canada’s billions of animals: our wildlife; the dogs, cats, rabbits, birds and other creatures we live with as companions; the unlucky members of those same species imprisoned in facilities that torment them in the name of science; and the billions of cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, lambs, goats and fish condemned to factory farms where they endure brief, wretched lives that end in terror in slaughterhouses. The environment is a huge part of Elizabeth’s advocacy because other political parties remain blind to acknowledging, much less addressing the biggest contributor to the climate crisis: the factory farming industry that is now gobbling up Canadian family farms.

Elizabeth has a McGill University PhD and is a Senior Research Associate at Trinity College, University of Toronto where from 1991 to 2004 she was Dean of Women. She an author whose books include the best-selling A History of Celibacy, A History of Mistresses and A History of MarriageHaiti: A Shattered Nation, Sugar: A Bittersweet History and Dogs and Underdogs: Finding Happiness at Both Ends of the Leash, and she was editor-in-chief of Chronicle of Canada.

Elizabeth is also a grandmother, a cancer survivor, and lives with a rescued dog.  She is a member of Toronto Pig Save, Animal Justice of Canada, PETA and Direct Action Everywhere. She coordinated a pet therapy program at Mt. Sinai Hospital, and in 1999 co-founded the Riverdale Historical Society, where she is a board member.

Facebook Page:  Elizabeth Abbott For Toronto-Danforth

Website: www.elizabethabbott.ca.

Twitter:   @ElizAbbott

Email:     elizabeth@animalprotectionparty.ca


Lucas Munger - Drummondville

Lucas Munger is a director in his family-owned media production company. He has always been deeply involved in his community. Since a young age, he has worked with many organizations for causes like Centraide, Greenpeace, Amnesty International, Tablée Populaire, Guignolée and others. He worked for the local news network and contributed to many events in the community. Nowadays, he works closely with GARAF and Operation PAJE, local environmental groups that are acting directly with students. He is also helping local sport teams, schools, artists, and entrepreneurs.

Vegan for two years now, Lucas is always seeking ways to improve animal wellness, to help the environment, to help local entrepreneurs and to help the younger generation. This is Lucas’s first time running as a candidate.


New Brunswick

Brad MacDonald
Brad MacDonald - Moncton - Riverview - Dieppe

Brad MacDonald was born and raised in Moncton, New Brunswick. Brad studied psychology and French at Saint Mary’s University in Halifax, Nova Scotia before redirecting his interests to the Arts. In 2009, he graduated from the Centre for Arts and Technology as a Digital Film Technologist. Pursuing a career as a video technician, Brad returned home to Moncton.

During his five-year position at a local post-production facility, he advocated to save the film industry against government cuts on multiple occasions. Brad lobbied all three levels of governmental representatives as well as participated in a rally at the Legislative Assembly in Fredericton, New Brunswick.

Brad believes to promote change one must be compassionate. Only months after supporting the film industry, he challenged the provincial government’s decision to relocate Moncton High School, one of the few remaining heritage buildings in Moncton.

In 2014, Brad became aware of a positive family history of heart disease. Familiarizing himself with lifestyle changes to reduce his risk, Brad went vegetarian. To further his knowledge in maintaining a healthy lifestyle he successfully completed the Professional Plant-Based Certification Course at Rouxbe Online Culinary School.

By 2017, Brad had removed all animal products from his diet and actively seeks to avoid all forms of animal exploitation and cruelty. Throughout his lifestyle changes, Brad quickly discovered the injustices associated with the animal agriculture industry, leading him to advocate for animal protection and environmental conservation.

Applying his technological expertise, Brad is a zealous internet activist. He passionately supports animal rights and speaks openly about the state of the environment. Brad reaches thousands of people through social media, highlighting the importance of positive lifestyle change.

He currently resides in Moncton with his wife, Ashley, adopted cat Ollie, and rescue kitten from Cuba, Oscar.


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Eden Gould - Calgary Centre

While growing up on a cattle farm in Manitoba, Eden became friends with the cows and other animals. Eden had many wonderful experiences helping on her family farm until she realized what was happening to the animals once they grew to a certain age or size. At a young age Eden knew she didn’t want to eat someone she called a friend.

Eden grew up to be a passionate animal advocate and activist, as well as organizer and spokesperson for Calgary Animal Rights Effort (CARE). She's an administrator and moderator for Positive Vegan Vibes Facebook group.

Eden is also a speaker, trainer, plant-based whole food enthusiast, volunteer, fundraiser, board certified Holistic Health, Weight Management and Plant-based Transition Coach, and a Plant-based and Fat-burning Menu Consultant.

She is a mostly self-taught chef with over 10 years of professional experience creating delicious and nutritious plant-based whole food meal plans, snacks and drinks. She loves volunteering her time teaching monthly healthy plant-based whole foods cooking classes and caring for animals in need.

Eden is responsible for educating and training Alberta Health Care workers, consumers and retailers in the areas of plant-based whole food, health living and caring for seniors.

Although she does work with individual clients, her focus is creating and teaching worksite wellness programs and working with corporate clients.

On July 5,2019 Eden had the good fortune to learn about the first ever Animal Protection Party of Canada cross-Canada tour Jordan Reichert was hosting in Calgary!

Now her goal is to support, learn from, educate, and empower everyone she connects with on how we can work together and make a difference for people, animals and the environment on a global scale.


British Columbia

Jordan Reichert
Jordan Reichert, Deputy Leader, Victoria, B.C.

Born and raised in Victoria, B.C., Jordan is a mental health and addictions worker, animal advocate, and community organizer in his home town. In the fall of 2015, he ran in the Canadian federal election in Victoria, B.C. for the Animal Protection Party of Canada.

Jordan has worked as a marine electrician, in the service industry, for the Victoria Cool Aid Society, and has been employed at Island Health for the past 10 years as a mental health and addictions worker.  He co-organizes a number of organizations and events including the Vancouver Island Vegan Association, Vegtoria Veg Fest, Animal Advocacy Camp, Pets OK B.C., the View Royal Rabbit Rescue and the Victoria Horse Alliance.

In 2014, Jordan graduated with distinction from the University of Victoria with a double major in sociology and philosophy. Jordan is now the deputy leader for the Animal Protection Party of Canada and is employed by the Animal Alliance of Canada.


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Trev Miller - Kootenay-Columbia

Trev Miller is a seven-year Cranbrook resident.  He’s a founder of the Cranbrook Friends of Animals Society and a passionate advocate for animals, people, and the environment.

Trev has training and experience as a journalist, and in 2011 he graduated with an undergraduate degree in psychology from the University of Alberta.  He’s a manager in a large customer service establishment.

He considers conversations as opportunities to learn and looks forward to engaging discussions about the environment, and how we as compassionate Kootenay residents can treat animals respectfully.

Trev brings an understanding of research and a sympathetic ear, and is running with the goal of being a clear, compassionate voice for electors.


Jordon Miller
Jordon Miller:  Steveston-Richmond East

Jordon was born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario, and has been living in the Metro Vancouver region since 2011. He’s currently employed at the City of Vancouver as the coordinator of a program designed to encourage staff to commute to work in an environmentally sustainable way. Prior to this, he spent three years operating a food security project in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

Jordon holds a BBA in International Business (Honours) from Brock University. He was also certified as an Executive Coach through Royal Roads University in 2016, and has since received supplemental certifications in plant-based nutrition and health coaching. In 2020, Jordon is set to begin a Master’s program in Human Security and Peacebuilding.

Through the right combination of influences, Jordon began eating a vegetarian diet in 2011, and has been living a fully vegan lifestyle since 2017. Though he endeavours to be a more outspoken advocate for non-human animals, he does contribute to various campaigns and volunteers as a one-on-one coach and mentor to new vegans around the world.

Jordon is personally motivated by the notion of living an examined life. He is striving to become evermore aware of the impact his choices have on the world around him, and is focused on continuous learning through dialogue, openness, and honesty.

Jordon lives a modest lifestyle with his wife and son in Richmond, BC. He has two current preoccupations to which he dedicates time each morning: mindfulness meditation and learning Chinese (Mandarin).  Otherwise, he enjoys cycling, reading, bouldering, and catching Toronto Maple Leafs’ games (a childhood passion that he can’t shake).