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Action Alert: Federal Ag-Gag Bill C-205 Passes Second Reading

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Last year, the Animal Protection Party of Canada warned Canadians about a federal private members ag-gag bill, C-205, that was introduced by Conservative MP John Barlow.

The overly broad and ambiguous text of the bill reads as follows:
“This enactment amends the Health of Animals Act to make it an offence to enter, without lawful authority or excuse, a place in which animals are kept if doing so could result in the exposure of the animals to a disease or toxic substance that is capable of affecting or contaminating them.”

At the time, we encouraged people to contact their Members of Parliament (MP) and ask them to oppose this unethical and unconstitutional legislation that would protect animal abusers from being exposed. Because private members bills don’t usually pass, we did not think this bill would have the support needed to pass further votes. However, with the advent of Alberta, Ontario, and PEI all passing ag-gag legislation in their legislatures, there seems to be support from certain political parties for these bills.

Now, Bill C-205 has unbelievably passed its second reading in the House of Commons and is being referred to committee for review.  The bill was supported along party lines by the Conservatives, NDP, and Bloc (You can read the vote breakdown here.) With the Liberals and Greens opposing.  If voting continues along these lines the bill will pass further readings and could become the first federal ag-gag law in Canada.

This legislation is a disgrace to our political system. While Canada has some of the most archaic animal protection laws in the world, with hundreds of millions of animals suffering each year, now politicians want to protect those on farms and slaughterhouses who commit animal cruelty.  Meanwhile, those trying to expose the truth of these operations and inform the public about animal cruelty are now being silenced.

We must stop Bill C-205 from going any further.  Now is the time for you to contact your MP, no matter which party they represent, and tell them that you want stronger laws stopping animal exploitation and cruelty in Canada, and that you don’t support ag-gag legislation to cover up these abuses. Tell them they must vote against Bill C-205.

We must fight ag-gag legislation in every province and now federally wherever it arises. Together we can stop Bill C-205 before it passes!

Animal Protection Party of Canada

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  1. It is unfortunate to see the NDP supporting bill C-205. These ag-gag laws are designed to allow farmers to get away with abusing animals. As a lifelong NDP supporter I am very disappointed in seeing the NDP support this questionable legislation. I am quite aware of the practises on farms having grown up around farmers and having worked, as a young adult, on a variety of farms.

  2. Seriously how could anyone support ag gag legislation. ..
    if there’s no cruelty they should welcome people to see what’s going on. I think we all know there is no humane way to kill a being that doesn’t want to die the conditions of these poor animals are kept in is absolutely disgusting and despicable not to mention a cesspool for disease.

  3. Thank you for fighting this horrible move. With all the billions of dollars being made off the backs of animals in industry in Canada, their protection has never been more necessary. The courageous witnesses for their defence need the protection to speak out on their behalf.

  4. Countries that hold little regard for animals are not places I care to visit or support. Unfortunately it appears my very own country is becoming one of those …for this I can NOT be proud! Canadians typically love their animals but unfortunately we are now stuck with a government that doesn’t care about its animals or its people. Shameful.

  5. The disregard in the inhumane handling of shipping animals for slaughter has great need of change.
    Horses in particular are gravely mismanaged.
    All species are performing life giving acts to humans. They deserve/need our respect and care.

  6. Please STOP this bill! There shouldn’t be anything to hide or cover up….the public should know what goes on behind the scenes!!! These beautiful animals need protection! We as humans should be ashamed of the way we treat factory farmed animals! We can do better! Where’s the human decency, compassion, kindness and empathy toward other living creatures?

  7. Absolutely unacceptable. If you don’t have anything to hide you should be open and transparent. We need to stop the unimaginable suffering and animal abuse that takes place in our food industry. Better yet… Let’s embrace a vegan lifestyle

  8. It takes REAL human being to do what is right, not what is profitable, politically correct, comfortable and/or convenient. We are all animals, just look, think and behave differently. Allowing greed, arrogance and ignorance rule is wrong. When adults are violent towards animals, children learn to do the same not only towards other animals, but also their own kind too.

    Please consider the fact, that not a single time animal was ever contaminated by anything and anyone.

    If this not an attempt to hide the relentless violence, artificial insemination (rape), abuse, exploitation and slaughter of other animals, please tell me what else is. For that reason alone, this “enactment” cannot be taken seriously. It must be rejected for good.

    All animal “farmers » claim that they «love », take good care of « their » animals. Then, there is no reason to prevent anyone, specially animal rights activists from entering their premises as they please. For that reason “animal farms” aren’t called “Inquisition/ slavery camps”.

    If you have nothing to hide, hide nothing!

    There’s no risk of diseases, contamination or any health issues, simply because ALL « farmed » animals are injected with antibiotics, organic or not. If and when that happens, it always has been the “farmers” fault!

    If we claim to be human, we must act with morals, empathy, respect, remorse, humanity and compassion, towards all animals, not only some.

    Thank you.

  9. I ask John Barlow, or any MP supporting Bill C-205, to fully explain its purpose. Are we to assume that only people who pass on a disease to animals will be prosecuted? Are people allowed to document animal abuse if they witness it?
    I always believed that in Canada we live in a democracy where people are free to speak.
    I am left with the feeling that this bill is to cover up animal abuse.
    If I am wrong, would someone please explain this bill in it’s entirety?

  10. Canada has the shameful reputation of having so me of the poorest animal “protection” & transport laws in the developed world. Farmed animals are exempt and in need of more protection and oversight, not less. We need to operationalize Canada’s Food Guide and help farmers transition to compassionate, healthy & sustainable plant-based agriculture and, until that happens, install CCTV cameras in all facilities where animals are raised, transported & slaughtered.

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