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It’s Giving Tuesday. Support Your Party For The Animals.

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Today is Giving Tuesday.  A day created to give back to all of the organizations and non-profits that do work in our communities, to improve our society.

Animal Protection Party is Canada’s only registered federal party that prioritizes the interests of animals and the environment as the cornerstones of a healthy, inclusive, and resilient society.  For over a decade, we have been running candidates in federal elections to bring animal, environmental, and social justice issues into politics.  We hold other parties accountable for their policies, or lack thereof, that affect other animals, compromise the health of the shared environment, and degrade our social integrity.

People across Canada want to vote for the Animal Protection Party of Canada and we are growing to run more candidates across the country.  However, we rely on donations, just like every other political party, to run candidates with the resources and campaigns they deserve.  These issues deserve to be front and center in people’s minds and your donation helps us put it there by increasing our political efficacy during election time.

We know we have a winning team and that there are more animal advocates out there who want to bring their passion for animal issues into the political arena.  Every time we add another candidate the message for the animals is increased substantially.  Every debate they speak in, every interview they do, they are changing minds and opening of new areas of discourse on issues that would never otherwise be discussed in the political arena.

What is special about Animal Protection Party of Canada candidates is that we all share a common vision and practice that vision in our day to day lives.  When it is not election time, our candidates continue to advocate for animals and social justice in our communities.  Your donation helps to make sure that they can continue their work and bring back their networking, skill sets, and accomplishments as candidates in the next election.

Please help us bring more representatives for animals, the environment, and social justice into politics.  Your donation can help make a difference.

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