Horse Carriage Activists Send Big Message To Drivers

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Victoria:  Monday, July 25, 2016:  Activists are calling for a ban of the horse carriages in Victoria by sending a message to all those driving into town: “Horse Carriages Are Exploitation” reads a new billboard on the highway.  “We hope to reach visitors coming to Victoria and educate them about the horse carriage industry”, said Jordan Reichert of the Victoria Horse Alliance.

Victoria Horse Alliance has been lobbying city council to ban the horse carriages since last November.  The group submitted a report to the city on the operation of the horse carriages and filed cruelty complaints with the BC SPCA regarding improper care and maintenance of the horses’ hooves.  To date Council has not acted.

Mr. Reichert said the horse carriages represent an era of abuse and exploitation of animals despite their romanticized connotations for some of the public.  “We can have tradition without exploiting horses as demonstrated by Montreal’s first electric horseless caléche.  Let’s bring horseless carriages to Victoria.”

Victoria Horse Alliance is asking the City of Victoria to phase out the horse carriages by December 2017.

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Contact: Jordan Reichert, Victoria Horse Alliance, 250-216-0562

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