International Women's Day

International Women’s Day

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On International Women’s Day we must work together to recognize all women who have held up the fight for environmental, animal and social justice. We are acknowledging notable figures such as the leader of the Party for the Animals in the Netherlands, Marianne Thieme, who has passionately led her party to win 5 seats in the House of Representatives or that of photo-journalist Jo-Anne McArthur, whose groundbreaking work behind the lens has captured significant photos and stories about the relationship of humans to nonhuman animals. Of course, we are proud to recognize our leader of the APPC, Liz White, who ran as the first animal politics candidate in North America and continues to fight for greater representation for animals in politics here in Canada.

We also want to acknowledge all of the women who remain nameless in the movement, but who are nevertheless as valuable. Those who are often working behind the scenes, organizing letter campaigns and demonstrations, constructing signs or holding meetings, shaking hands and holding fundraisers. Those who dedicate their time, beyond work and family, to get political. Those who go out of their way, to connect with and to encourage others and those who overwhelmingly remain unacknowledged. It is without a doubt that women make up the majority of those who are fighting for animals in Canada and beyond. What we hope is that these women, despite structural and systemic barriers that often hamper their participation in politics, will continue to stay involved. The Animal Protection Party of Canada welcomes and encourages all women to continue their advocacy at the political level. We need female voices to create substantive change for the issues we hold so close.

On this International Women’s Day, we also acknowledge the female animals, who are disproportionately exploited in the animal agricultural industry worldwide. The female cows who are used as milking machines and whose children are taken from them, the egg-laying hens who suffer in small cages and the sows who are confined in crates and cages, unable to move or to know their children.

Today, on International Women’s day, we will continue our fight for an inclusive world where all women, both human and non-human are treated with dignity and respect.

Join us!

Help us make a difference for animals. Contact us to become a candidate in your riding.

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  1. It’s true as a male I noticed it is mostly women that are out there fighting for animal rights. Keep up the great work.

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