A special thank you to all those who make our work for the animals and the environment possible.  Please accept our gratitude for your generosity and support.

Join the Movement

1) Become a Monthly Donor

Campaigns can be costly. For us to be as effective as possible – which is critical to making our politicians protect animals and the environment – the campaigns we run must be the best. Because good planning is essential to winning campaigns, a monthly commitment from you makes all the difference. Please take the time to give serious consideration to becoming a monthly giver.

Call us today for more information. A printable donation form is available for you to send us your information by mail (click here). You may also fax us your information at 416-462-9647 or donate online.

2) Talk to your Member of Parliament

During elections we ask voters to send a message about protecting the environment, ending animal cruelty, battling climate change, stopping the killing of young seals for the fashion industry, restoring our democratic rights, and running an honest and open government.

To help make environmental and animal protection important issues, please contact your MP and ask where he / she stands on topics including ending Canda’s use of animals in cosmetic testing, ending the commercial seal hunt – the largest, cruellest marine mammal slaughter in the world, curtailing or shutting down the Alberta Tar Sands, animal agriculture and factory farming – the world’s largest Green House Gas emitter, and banning the importation of horses from the United States – where their commercial slaughter for human consumption is not permitted.

We continue to build the Animal Protection Party of Canada to campaign widely in the next federal election.

3) Become A Candidate

People are needed to run as candidates and help campaign. If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities to bring animal issues into politics, please contact us.

We invite you to submit a Candidate Application Form if you would like to represent the animals in the next election.  You can review the Form by clicking here.

4)  Join the Riding Watch Team

If you want to be involved in the next federal election campaign but don’t want to be a candidate, we encourage you to join our Riding Watch Team.  We ask Team members to:

  • monitor the political activity in the riding (electoral district);
  • find out which candidates are already nominated and for what party;
  • research these candidates to find out what they stand for; and
  • during the election, find the time and location of the all candidates meetings and attend with others to ask questions about animal and environmental protection.
  • Learn about what kind of questions to ask here.
Join us today to hold the Canadian government accountable for its policies and legislation protecting animals. Your support makes a difference.