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Justin Trudeau, You Didn’t Answer My Question.

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First, let me say thank you to everyone for your support and for sharing the video far and wide.  It is essential that we hold Mr. Trudeau accountable for his response and what it means for animals across Canada.  I've taken some time to think about what he said and how I would respond if I would have had the opportunity at the town hall.  I have included Trudeau's original response to my initial statement and question of "What are you going to do to protect animals?"

Trudeau: "Everyone in Canada wants to make sure we are protecting animals and making sure we are not exploiting and abusing animals, and doing things that are inconsistent with our values."

Reichert: Mr. Trudeau, you started by responding to my question by saying “Everyone in Canada wants to make sure we are protecting animals and that we are not doing things inconsistent with our values." When you killed Bill C-246 you made a direct choice that hindered the protection of animals in Canada and went against the values of millions of Canadians. Canadians know animals deserve and need better protections, and you turned your back on them.

Trudeau: "The challenge is that this debate has been setup as a polarizing one between animal rights activists and farmers. That debate between primarily urban suit and tie wearing activists, and thank you for dressing up it's important, but the debate between urban and rural is one of those lines where animal rights ends up getting pulled at."

Reichert: You then went on to say that this debate has been setup as a polarizing one between animal rights activists and farmers. Mr. Trudeau, the question was not just about farmers, but was about violence against animals everywhere in Canada and what you are going to do to protect them.

Taking a cheap shot at me as a "suit and tie activist," and by the way I dress up everyday not just for you, showed the bias in your response. The fact is Mr. Trudeau, this is not about an urban/rural divide, this is about the objective suffering of animals being taken seriously wherever it manifests. Your response disregarded not only the systemic violence against animals in Canada, but also all the people who oppose animal suffering and exploitation.

Trudeau: "My recommendation for animal rights activists is to actually work closer with farm groups and rural groups who are also very concerned about animal rights and open to moving forward on respectful practices, but are very much worried and see it as an attack on them. Work with them to try to find a path forward that will be acceptable to all Canadians."

Reichert: You then go on to suggest that animal rights activists work closer with farm groups and rural groups. Mr. Trudeau, you took a hard stand at the town hall in support of a woman’s right to choose what happens to her body and for that I applaud you. However, I’m guessing you wouldn’t suggest for pro-choice activists to work with pro-life activists to find a solution that works for everyone. You certainly wouldn’t tell farmers to work with animal rights activists to be more compassionate.

Why is it Mr. Trudeau, that as a self-proclaimed feminist you oppose oppression and violence against human female bodies, but ignore the intersection of this violence against animal female bodies? Furthermore, why do you support the male dominated animal agriculture and animal use industries, while dismissing the concerns of the animal advocacy communities which have traditionally and continue to be upheld by the work of women?

Trudeau: "We agree on the values, we all agree that no we shouldn’t be importing cat and dog fur, we shouldn’t be doing terrible things and we know we need to move forward, but as long as it is setup as a conflict between urban and rural it won’t get to the desired outcome that you and so many people want."

Reichert: You then finished Mr. Trudeau, by saying we all agree we shouldn’t do terrible things to animals, but as long as it is a conflict between urban and rural we won’t achieve our desired outcome for animals.

Mr. Trudeau, how can we all agree on the values, but not have a government that acts to reflect those values in our laws. This cognitive dissonance is leading to the suffering, exploitation, and oppression of hundreds of millions of animals in Canada each year. Where is your integrity on this issue? This is not a conflict between ideologies, this is addressing the greatest contributor to climate change in the world today, this is about protecting the health of our people, and most importantly this is about protecting innocent vulnerable lives.

Mr. Trudeau, I am inviting you to respond to the question I asked you originally and not side-step around the issue. What are you going to do, in the rest of your time in office, to validate the concerns of millions of Canadians in rural and urban communities who care about animals, and improve protections for animals?


This is just the beginning of the revolution for animals  we have been fighting for.  Every animal activist and advocate should see Mr. Trudeau's disregard of our compassionate politics as a call to action for us to double our pressure upon the institutions and industries that mercilessly torment and destroy our animal cousins. 

The time is now. Join us.

Here is the original video for those of you who have not seen it yet. 

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  1. Me Trudeau blatant disregard of animal rights is disgusting!! The liberals shot down the bill 236! This tells me the liberals don’t care or want to help animal suffering
    The laws need to be changed
    Simple as that !!! We need people with empathy towards animals to run our country
    Not Mr Trudeau!!!

  2. And let’s not forget the existence of the secret Outdoor Caucus in Parliament which systematically has been blocking any effort to the passage of Bill C-246 and change the legal definition of animals as being “property.”

    In Canada, wildlife and fish belong to the government until they are captured or killed. But, protecting the environment is impossible if we continue to assert universal ownership of all land and wildlife to pursue endless economic growth.

    Moreover, why do we still allow pigs, who are highly intelligent social beings, to spend their lives in tiny gestation crates, as if they already were sausages? The European Union phased out battery cages for hens, veal crates for calves, and gestation crates for sows as of 2012. Why are these practices still allowed in Canada, a G7 country?

    The EU banned cosmetic testing on all animals in 2013 and the use of antibiotics in agriculture except to tread sick animals. Why does Canada resist so much? In Canada, we still use drugs to accelerate livestock growth, thereby contributing to antibiotics resistance !

    It is time Canada join other countries and amend its animal cruelty laws to improve animal welfare and include the common but violent practices used in agriculture?

  3. I feel that Mr. Trudeau’s response was demeaning, rude and did NOT address the real issues.

    Taking issue with how people dress is unbelievable. Would Mr. Trudeau have been as rude had everyone been wearing jeans and checkered shirts? Perhaps not.

    Until Mr. Trudeau is fully aware of the “link”, between animal abuse and people abuse, there is little or not hope that he will begin to understand any of the other issues.

    For the government, it is always about money and power = votes. Hunting, farming, these are big business for them. Powerful voices that drown out the concerns of regular people.

    His attention needs to be drawn to those serial killers that started by torturing animals, then moved to humans. He needs this to be shown to him in a way that he “gets it”.

    He claims to be a “feminist”, yet he ignores the fact that many abused women remain with their abuser for fear of harm coming to their children and or their animals.

  4. Justin Trudeau’s response tells me that he truly does not understand what the animal welfare issues are. The total lack of protection from abuse in research facilities has nothing to do with urban and rural perspectives on animal welfare. In fact, ‘everyone’ does not want to protect animals from abuse. If it were the case, we wouldn’t need to be having this conversation. The changes most animal welfare advocates are proposing have nothing to do with the rural way of life. Our prime minister should educate himself on these manners.

  5. Thank you for addressing the PM with concerns for animals…he and his government continue to sidestep the issues and ignore the demands of Canadians and many government officials for better animal cruelty laws. What happened with Bill C246 was a disgrace and I will be writing to Trudeaus office demanding and answer to The question he was asked. We will be making animal rights an election issue!

    1. Thank you Karin for making that commitment. I too am trying to make animal rights an election issue. We can’t let ourselves be discouraged by ill informed policy makers.

  6. These “town halls” are nothing more than a soap box for Smiley Boy to tell you what he wants you to hear. A form of grandstanding for his drooling followers that still think that nice hair = good politician.
    If you substitute “my corporate elite friends” for the word farmers in this statement, “The challenge is that this debate has been setup as a polarizing one between animal rights activists and farmers”, you will be reading the truth between the lines! It is not “between urban and rural” as he’d like to have everyone believe later in that same statement. In reality it is about PROFIT and those of us that put animal welfare first. His resistance to Bill C-246 (by one of his own Liberals) says all anyone needs to know about how he really feels toward animal welfare. It’s not about your everyday farmer, it’s about the new “factory farms” that has been a result of the global trade he is also so very fond and proud of. Selling Canada to the highest bidder is far more important to him and his friends than animal welfare or what we the Canadian public actually wants. Just like the KM pipeline, indigenous peoples right to clean drinking water, TPP, climate control, NAFTA, our ever declining medical coverage, national pharmaceutical care, veterans rights, senior care, pension income reviews, availability and affordability of senior along term care, the list goes on and on.
    As I have said many times in various media comments, there is little difference between Mr. Trudeau and Mr. Trump aside from the hair and the orange war paint. There ideologies are very, very similar. The biggest difference is that “Sunny Daze” is just the corporate lackey, as all the rest or our Canadian leaders have been, and Mr. Trump is the corporation.

  7. Trudeau has a bad habit of never responding directly to the actual question being asked; this is because of several reasons, including the incredible ignorance he displays on most topics; he also has his own ideological agenda that he never stops pursuing and this includes his strong leftist(and Islamist) views which do not hold animals in high esteem; and what can he possibly say(with any truth) about Canadian values when he has been and is a chief architect of the destruction of Canadian values; as far as animals are concerned Canada remains a regressive backwater of indifference and should be ashamed to call itself a civilized country; and not only the Liberals but all political parties (for the most part) have sacrificed any efforts for reform to political correctness and catering to special interest groups whom they consider the voting blocs they must appease the most, especially at election time; the fact is MPs can be a sorry lot and display the same ignorance as our pathetic PM does and only a very few have shown any real leadership on the issues of animal rights and protection; this party must become more vocal, visible to the general public and forceful in taking on any and all issues if it is ever going to resonate with the public conscience on behalf of animals.

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