Jordan Reichert

Jordan Reichert

The Animal Is The Political.

It is my view that the moral baseline of our society is measured by its treatment of those most vulnerable within it. In Canada, no individuals are more vulnerable than non-human animals. They are defined as property under the Canadian Criminal Code, they lack recognition as contributing members of society, and their forms of communication are invalidated as of a lesser kind than human communication in normative social discourse.

Despite all this, they are a deeply embedded citizenry that is given little to no voice or representation at any level of government. Meanwhile, private citizens spend countless hours, dollars, and energy trying to piece together the disgraceful mess that the lack of action by any Canadian government over the last 124 years to address the inhumane and cruel treatment of non-human animals has left them with.

Animal Protection Party of Canada (Formerly Animal Alliance Environment Voters) is dedicated to raising awareness and improving the status of non-human across Canada because these issues matter to Canadians. Whether you care for a dog or cat, enjoy seeing wildlife it their natural habitat, or have been disturbed by the inhumane treatment of animals in factory farm settings; you have probably met an non-human animal that deserves better.

Animal Protection Party is about more than non-human animals though. We know that across Canada people are demanding change for themselves too. Environmental protection, healthcare, employment, and education are just a few areas that people deserve better and APP is committed to bringing them change that endures.

Our platform is built inclusive of all animals because we know Canadians care about protecting their communities and all who they share their lives with.

Please join me and Animal Protection Party of Canada in making a future we can all be proud of.

Jordan Reichert
West Coast Campaign Officer
Animal Protection Party of Canada

Jordan Reichert

About Jordan Reichert

Born and raised in Victoria, B.C., Jordan is an animal advocate, activist, and vegan community organizer in his home town. In the fall of 2015, he ran in the Canadian federal election in his hometown of Victoria, B.C. for the Animal Protection Party of Canada (Formerly Animal Alliance Environment Voters). He is a founder of the Victoria Horse Alliance and co-organizes a number of organizations including the Vancouver Island Vegan Association, Island Animal Liberation, and Victoria Animal News. He has been employed at Island Health for the past 7 years and continues helping people experiencing mental health and addiction issues through their recovery. After the 2015 federal election, Jordan became the West Coast Campaign Officer for AAEV.

In 2014, Jordan graduated with distinction from the University of Victoria with a double major in Sociology and Philosophy. He has written numerous papers, blogs, and given public presentations on the integration and struggles between animals and society. As well, he regularly volunteers his videography, photography, graphic design, and editing skills to local environmental, social justice, and animal advocacy organizations in need of pro-bono support.

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What I will do for Victoria:
– Ban the Horse-Drawn Carriages.

– Advocate for non-lethal alternatives to the killing or “culling” of wildlife and urban wildlife such as deer (sign my petition) and wolves.

– Work with local shelters and rescues to decrease the overwhelming population of un-homed cats and dogs in our region.

– Work to amend the Residential Tenancy Act to promote the rights of tenants to not be discriminated against for having a companion animal in their care. (Sign a petition to the Province of B.C. here)

– Advocate for a ban on fur sales and shark fins in the city.

– Promote a housing first national housing strategy to address homelessness in Victoria in conjunction with mental health and addiction support.

– Advocate for the promotion of a basic income in Victoria to improve the conditions and participation in society of all individuals. I have been working with Basic Income Victoria to make this happen locally.

– Advocate for safe consumption services in the city.

– Promote solidarity with indigenous peoples efforts to protect and assert claims to their land, culture, and livelihoods.

– Promote development that protects the identity of Victoria’s unique heritage and culture while building sustainable units as well as more affordable housing.

– Addressing the development and protection of green corridors to mitigate the destruction of wildlife habitat currently taking place.

– Work with communities that are being polluted by industry, such as James Bay, to protect the interests of the public first before private profit.

– Promote the health of all animals and citizens by educating and encouraging a plant-based diet and lifestyle. Please visit Vancouver Island Vegan Association.

– Promote the development of further urban garden plots and citizen education of urban food production.

– Advocate for free public transit and the implementation of more bicycle infrastructure.

Please feel free to contact me directly if you have questions about any particular issues or for media inquires.

Phone: 250-216-0562