Meat is not essential

Meat is not essential

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Although the meat and dairy industry would have us believe that we need to eat animals to remain healthy and strong, scientific studies continuously link meat and dairy consumption to higher rates of cancer, heart disease and diabetes. 

At the same time, diets that are rich in plants are also proving to reduce the risk of these diseases and to improve overall health and wellbeing. 

Even though the most recent Canada Food Guide reflected this science, the federal government continues to subsidize animal agriculture to the tune of billions of tax-payer dollars per year—regardless of the threat of animal agriculture to our health, the longevity of the planet or to the animals who are entrapped within these horrific systems.

The myth of meat being essential, along with fierce lobbying by powerful animal industries has also led to the protection of slaughterhouses as essential workplaces to continue to operate during the pandemic, despite the fact that pandemics can be traced back to the consumption of animals.  

In addition, slaughterhouses in Canada and abroad have remained hotspots for COVID-19 outbreaks because of close and unsafe working conditions. In May, 2021 in a piece entitled “The Human Machine” the CBC reported that over 500 employees had tested positive for COVID-19 at Olymel, an Alberta pork-packing plant and 950 staff tested positive at a Cargill beef-packing plant in Alberta by early March 2020. Employees reported that processing plants ignored warning signs and kept operating despite documented outbreaks. 

COVID-19 has brought a new dimension to everyday dangerous working conditions in slaughterhouses that put the physical and psychological safety of workers at risk and that disproportionately impact lower income communities and people of colour. Because of a lack of transparency within these industries, because the meat and dairy industry do not want people to see what goes on in these processing plants, these workers remain invisible to the wider public despite their role as “essential” employees.

Meat is not essential. The health of people, animals and the planet are. It is irresponsible for our governments to continue to perpetually support these industries without acknowledging the direct and indirect harm they cause to our society as a whole.

We need a plan in place to transition to a healthy, more sustainable and compassionate food system. The Animal Protection Party of Canada is committed to fighting for a just transition to plant based agriculture in Canada, because our collective future depends on it.

Animal Protection Party of Canada

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  1. I wholeheartedly agree with the statement “Meat Is Not Essential”! I had anemia when my diet consisted of daily meat meals, but since l began living a vegan lifestyle 27 years ago l have not had one issue with low iron. If fact, at one point l had reverted to being just a vegetarian, consuming dairy and eggs, which caused me to develop digestive, skin and joint inflammation issues. I love animals, and don’t understand how anyone who says they too love animals can turn around and eat them. The planet needs our help NOW, animals need our help NOW, not to mention the many millions of humans who will also be saved from meat-eating related diseases/conditions/syndromes if we stop eating them NOW, BEFORE IT’S TOO LATE FOR US!

  2. Meat is horrible cruelty to animals, unhealthy for humans and is destroying our planet. I have been vegetarian for over 40 years and Vegan for over 4 years. I did it for the animals, but as a result I am a very healthy 64 year old woman. My meat eating husband is very unhealthy and takes meds for heart, diabetes, etc. Everyone we know in our age group has the same poor health issues, but they just won’t give up meat.

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