New E-Petition Asks that Air Shipments of Horses be Halted due to Ongoing Violations

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The Canadian Horse Defence Coalitions’s Eastern Region Director, Shelley Grainger, has started another E-petition e-1699.  The petition asks for Citizens of Canada to call upon the House of Commons in Parliament to halt air shipments of horses exported for human consumption, due to the ongoing violations of Canadian and International Air Transport Association regulations.  Again, Liberal MP Mark Holland, representing Ajax, Ontario, is the petition’s sponsor.

E-petitions are published online for 120 days and a minimum of 500 signatures are required for certification and presentation in the House of Commons.  They are then tabled for a government response.  You must be a Canadian citizen in order to sign and you will be asked to confirm your signature by email.

Do you want to tell the Canadian government to end live horse shipments?  Then let them know by signing e-petition 1699 and sharing it with your friends and supporters.

To learn more about Canada’s live horse shipments for slaughter to Japan,
see these posts on the CHDC blog.

Since September 2017,  the CHDC has received a large number of  still and video images from Alberta feedlots and airports in Edmonton and Winnipeg showing the gentle draft horses who are caught up in the live shipments for the slaughter trade.

We’ve compiled a video capturing many of these images, which are being made public for the first time.  We believe that most of these horses originate through the many breeders in the Mid-West United States as well as PMU farms,  where drafts and draft-crosses are the predominant horse breeds used in that industry. It’s also very likely that many were former driving horses from the Amish and Mennonite communities,  as we have observed what appear to be docked tails in some of the horses.  From the video evidence you will see, several of these large horses still do not have full headroom in these crates.

In 2016 there were 5,839 draft horses shipped to Japan for slaughter.  In 2017 that number dropped to 4,846.   Certainly we hope that between the efforts of the Canadian and Japanese advocates,  it will one day be 0.

Thank you for your continued support!

For the horses,
Your friends at the CHDC

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  1. I hope this petition generates a positive outcome for these horses, people in general feel helpless, but every signature helps, I will share this to help end, yet another black mark on Canada’s image.

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