This Mother’s Day, help us save wild mothers

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Many of us will be making plans to celebrate Mother’s Day with our loved ones this weekend.  It’s an important time to recognize the sacrifice that our mothers have made for us and to show our gratitude, with a hug, a meal together, or some other expression of love.

But I want to take the time to reflect upon honouring other mothers – our fellow animals – especially Double-crested Cormorants living on Point Pelee National Park’s Middle Island, who are facing persecution and death at the hands of Parks Canada.

In honour of Mother’s Day, I hope you’ll show your activism and financial support to protect these native birds.

First, a bit of background

Double-crested Cormorants, water birds who live in colonies, are great parents. Mothers and fathers share time on the nest to incubate their eggs. Once hatched, both parents take turns protecting their nestlings and fishing to feed themselves and their young.

It takes the dedication of both parents to incubate their eggs and nurture their off-spring because Double-crested Cormorants have to work hard for their food. These diving birds fly out in search of fish then dive under the water expending great energy to catch the fish they need to survive. Feeding themselves requires a lot of effort and time so it takes two mates to share nesting duties.

But Parks Canada kills Double-crested Cormorants, and their strategy is to kill one of those parents, shooting them right off of their nests. Leaving just one mate to incubate eggs and raise their young is cruel and violates the natural evolutionary needs of this species.

Help us bear witness

This month, as we have for more than 10 years, Animal Alliance & the Animal Protection Party of Canada is in the field to monitor the shooting, collect data, and bear witness.

And we need your generous financial support to keep up our work.

Your donation allows us to hire a boat with pilot to anchor off Middle Island, the nesting ground for Cormorants, Herons, and even Pelicans. Canada Geese also make use of the island. It’s a peaceful nursery full of thriving life as parents tend their nests.

And then the shooting starts, and the sky fills with birds as they fly off their nests in fear. But their drive to stay with their eggs is strong.  We see the birds bravely circle back to their nests, endangering their own lives to keep their eggs warm. And Double-crested Cormorants are among the first birds to return. Their parental drive is strong.

Please add your voice to ours and call on Parks Canada and the Canadian government to stop using our tax dollars to kill animals. They need to embrace a modern understanding of the relationship between flora and fauna that has evolved to co-exist without human “management”.  It’s time for them to put aside their out-dated reliance on lethal wildlife measures, to “protect” what they deem important.

Year after year, The Minister of the Environment allows Parks Canada to use your tax dollars to kill native birds.  We rely on you, people who care about animals, to make your opposition known.

To learn more about Parks Canada’s ongoing persecution of native birds and to contact the Minister, please click here.

With your help we can keep monitoring the shooting, expand our fight by purchasing media ads, and hire experts to challenge Parks Canada’s archaic animal-killing “management” practices.

In honour of the Maternal Spirit – donate to keep us in those boats.
If we can’t monitor the killing, we fear it could be even worse.
Donate to get our message to a wider audience.

Winning campaigns like this takes a long time.  We need your help to keep up the fight.

Thank you for your support and love for animals.

For us, this is what Mother’s Day is all about.

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