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Updated: Pender Island Beavers Safe for Now

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Update: The beavers will be spared for the foreseeable future.

From a statement provided by Parks Canada:

Although euthanizing the beavers appears to be one of the few remaining options for managing this public safety risk, Parks Canada understands the concern within the community about this potential course of action.

Parks Canada is currently engaging experts to explore the option of installing specialized equipment to allow water to flow unobstructed past the beaver dam.

Parks Canada will not move forward with euthanizing the beavers until all reasonable alternatives have been re-investigated. As with all of our work, Parks Canada will weigh public safety, ecological integrity, the interests of the public and the responsible use of public funds in making a decision.

You can also hear Liz White, Leader of the APPC speaking on CFAX 1070 about the issue here.


Original Story Below:

Parks Canada was planning to trap and kill several beavers they say are building a dam that is threatening the integrity of a human-made dam nearby.  However, due to the strong objection by many local Pender Island residents who proposed a blockade to stop Parks Canada from accessing the beavers, the cull has been postponed for the time being.  It was set to take place today originally.

In interviews, Parks Canada could not clarify how many beavers were at the site of the dam, although they claimed to have been monitoring the situation for about year.  They also claimed to have tried “beaver deceivers” to mitigate the water build-up at the dam site.  They have stated they will now re-assess the situation until the end of the week.

Jordan Reichert of the Animal Protection Party of Canada made the following statement regarding the issue:

“It is very disappointing that residents on Pender had to find out about the proposed killing just two days before, and through back channels at that. I applaud them for their organizing and resistance to allowing this killing to take place un-scrutinized and un-challenged.  As is often the case with the governments wildlife management, little serious consideration is given to non-lethal methods.  Parks Canada does not appear to even know how many beavers there are at Greenburn lake despite having been monitoring the situation for a year.  That has me very concerned that there is a lack of transparency as to how and why this killing was proposed”

Animal Alliance of Canada has developed a Beaver Manual which gives an in-depth background on beavers and non-lethal methods of co-habitation.

It is unclear at this point what Parks Canada will propose over the coming week, but residents are committed to standing their ground against Park Canada until a non-lethal resolution can be found.

The Animal Protection Party of Canada is providing whatever support we can to residents on Pender Island on this issue.

Your donation can help us protect beavers and other wildlife across Canada from inhumane and unnecessary culls.


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