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Pet-Friendly Housing Gains Momentum in B.C.

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For the past eight months Pets OK BC has been campaigning for affordable pet-friendly housing in B.C.  With over 10,000 paper signatures now collected from across B.C. they are ready to hear from Minister of Housing Selina Robinson if the provincial government is ready to nullify the “no pets” policy in B.C., which discriminates against renters with pets.

The Animal Protection Party of Canada West Coast Campaign Officer, Jordan Reichert, has been working with Pets OK BC on Vancouver Island to raise awareness of the lack of affordable pet-friendly housing in B.C. and collect signatures for the petition.  “It has been eight months and the outpouring of support has been overwhelming.  Thanks to the amazing work of volunteers across the province we have collected 10,000 signatures and have a tremendous online following.”

This Sunday Oct 22nd, from 1230-230pm Pets OK BC will be hosting a rally on the lawns of the B.C. Legislative Assembly to raise awareness of the campaign and bring their message to MLAs.  Pets are welcome at the event and there will be speakers sharing their experience who have struggled finding housing with a pet.   Animal Protection Party of Canada is proud to be sponsoring the event financially.

Ontario has had legislation in place for the past 27 years that nullifies “no pets” policies in rental agreements.  Victoria, Australia, has also just recently passed legislation to end broad discrimination against renters with pets.  APP sees animal positive policy that opposes “no pets” policies as being part of a socially responsible community to help address the proliferation of pets in our communities, with thousands of animals abandoned annually to shelters because of the housing issues of their guardians.  Until we properly regulate and end the breeding of animals for profit, promote publicly funded spay and neuter programs, and provide affordable microchip services we need to make sure that every animal has a home, and ending “no pets” policies is a starting point towards that.  In tandem with the changes to the allowance of pets, we encourage the province to also empower the Residential Tenancy Branch of B.C. with more funding and resources to be able to mitigate disputes that arise between renters and landlords in a more efficient and expedient manner.

For those who live outside of B.C., but that would like to support the cause you can sign their online petition here  you can also donate to APP to help support covering the costs of the Pets OK BC campaign and events.

We also strongly urge residents in B.C. to contact their local MLA or email Minister of Housing, Selina Robinson, directly at and respectfully request that they support pet-friendly legislation and ending “no pets” policies across the province.

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