It’s never too early to get political for animals!

While it may be too early to vote, there are plenty of ways to be engaged politically.

What can you do?

Be Political

Attend political debates with your friends and family and ask questions to the candidates to hold them accountable on their animal and environmental policies.  See our Riding Watch Questions for sample questions.

If you can’t attend a debate, consider sending an email or a letter to candidates to let them know you care about animals and the environment and to ask them where they stand on specific animal issues.

Try holding a “mock” election to engage classmates in mock decision-making processes.

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Be Creative

Establish an animal, environmental or social justice club to create animal friendly policies in your school or community.

Hold film screenings of important social-justice related documentaries and invite your community, friends and family to attend.

Organize beach clean ups or fundraisers for the Animal Protection Party of Canada such as vegan bake-sales or plant sales.

Try chalking animal positive messages in safe public spaces, create art, performance or poetry to inspire people to vote for change.

Be Inspired

Reach out to animal-friendly candidates in your riding to see if you can volunteer to help them succeed.

Find specific local or national issues that are important to you, such as environmental restoration, or pet adoption and get connected with those in your community working to address them.  Become involved with creating youth-led campaigns and encouraging others to be involved.

Seek out wildlife rehabs, shelters, or other local animal organizations to offer help and support.

Watch 16-year-old climate activist, Greta Thunberg, present on the actions she took to get people to pay attention to climate change.

Remember that no action is too small.

Please contact us if you have any questions or to share how you have become political in your community!

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